16 May 2021, Sunday, 22:17
Sim Sim, Charter 97!

Real Heroes & Belarusian Vendetta

Real Heroes & Belarusian Vendetta

Now it is time for all of us to send Luka to the dustbin of history together!

The “Basta!” Telegram channel posted a letter of their subscriber:

- “We are tired of this Lukashenka!”, “Got enough!”, “The collective farmer is pulling the country into the abyss” - I often hear such statements. On the bus, from friends, from old ladies who are sitting on a bench at the entrance. This is how the progressive youth of our country thinks, this is how the old people who survive for a penny pension think, teachers and workers, the intelligentsia, and Vasya or Fedya, drinking their booze and eating cracklings, think so. Most Belarusians think so.

So why has the collective farm dictatorship been able to sit on the necks of the people for 26 years?

Lukashenka stole your vote, stole your elections. How can we end this?

The only effective way in the Belarusian realities to resist Lukashenka’s arbitrariness is the street. Only street marches, rallies, pickets are able to unite people into one whole. Yes, yes, now is not August 2020, and we cannot yet mobilize in thousands of street actions. But there are also a bunch of other means of struggle! A sea of chats. Let's keep going out in our neighbourhoods. Let's continue to spread our symbolism. Let's boycott Lukashenka's business. Let's demand sanctions from the West. There are a lot of means of struggle!

The problem of Belarusians is that they have no particular desire to really fight for freedom. Everyone is accustomed to reading and watching the news in the circle of friends, or at home at the TV and the computer, to see the moustachioed guy there and say in undertone: I’m so sick of this muzzle with moustache!

But the mustachioed muzzle will continue to make everyone sick, if everyone keeps the same old routine.

I am often disappointed with my acquaintances. I remember there was a case at protests against integration, and one of my friends suddenly said: the country is being sold! Now I will go to the square! But later it turned out that he approached the place and abruptly retreated. To my question why, he replied: there were few people there, what's the point.

I have often heard this from people. But if everyone waits for everyone, then nothing will ever change. Learn to speak for yourself! Even when most of them are silent, and only a few participants come out on the street, you set an example for everyone else. And gradually all your environment will do the same as you!

Remember how we came to the cockroach’s residence to wish him a happy birthday? Then he was really afraid, then they blocked the Internet.

Today the whole country is in a large prison. People are regularly subjected to repression, pressure, and threats. They put people in jail on false charges.

Of course, there is an option that one day you will have to face our “valiant” police. You can be fined and put on administrative detention. Problems may begin at work or school. But on the other hand, you must understand that this is nothing compared to what Lukashenka and his gang are doing.

Dozens of thousands of people faced the arbitrariness of the authorities and their impunity.

And they continue to face this to this day, with your tacit consent. Not your headache, not your piece of cake, hah? It won't work anymore. The house that stands last burns first.

Remember the movie V for Vendetta? One of my favorites.

There is a good quote from the main character of Vendetta, who declared war on the tyrant: “The people should not be afraid of the authorities, the authorities should be afraid of the people!” Only by defeating fear in ourselves will we be able to defeat the dictatorship!

Imagine, when the Lukashenka regime falls, you will be nostalgic and brag to your friends that you once actively protested, and you were even arrested for this. You will be a hero, and a real Belarusian Vendetta, thanks to whom the regime of the mustachioed tyrant collapsed.

Therefore, we must not give up! Now it is time for all of us to send Luka to the dustbin of history together! As it was at the end of the movie V for Vendetta - he is me, he is you, he is all of us! And the future of our country depends only on us!