8 May 2021, Saturday, 16:24
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Rules of Masking for the Leaving Vertical

Rules of Masking for the Leaving Vertical
Uladzimir Khalip

The losing regime urgently needed camouflage.

"Letters of happiness" have long become a familiar means of communication between the authorities and the people. All other attempts are unreliable and accidental. But on these spring days, it suddenly dawned on someone: why not use utility bills as such a means also. The Soviet leader was right: if you think about it, this collective plan is stronger than Goethe's Faust. Hardly anyone will throw out the utility bill without reading it. What if there is a warning about the imposition of a curfew or information about a total shutdown of water.

However, this time this bill for utilities brought, in addition, someone's wretched thoughts about the white-red-white flag, the Belarusian People's Republic, and even General Bulak-Balakhovich. The stormy stream of dazibao during the Cultural Revolution, in front of this masterpiece of official propaganda, was simply embarrassed and retreated somewhere in the depths of the deserts. It is absurd to look for a communal trace in the message. It is incorrect to assume that a plumber from Soviet jokes or an ordinary Neanderthal could share such thoughts with the people. It's not even an everyday letter of happiness. This is a vertical cry in the night: people, where are you?.. However, not everything is so simple. The activation of the court thought on the ideological front is original and certainly not accidental.

The losing regime urgently needed camouflage. Not the military rear one, which many people have been tired of for a long time. It was simply worn too often and trivialized by fishermen, mushroom pickers, and everyone else. However, the problem here is far from an everyday one. The country was gradually drawn into the era of continuous special operations. Every day, some secret sorties of various and innumerable security officials. It turned out that there was no point in declaring even martial law. And without that, everyone understood for a long time where they live, and what else this intractable government can come up with.

Therefore, the regime just desperately and urgently needs a new camouflage. Excellent. Preferably imported. Highest quality. So that ordinary AMAP officers, spreading out on the lawn, seemed to the demonstrators passing by as only molehills or shy shoots of innocent dandelions. And high ranks, if at this unpredictable time an accidental business trip suddenly comes up, they cannot go without camouflage. The reputation is not the same, bad luck is inevitable. Skillful mimicry in the current conditions is the only guarantee of success. There seems to be no turning back. So you can't do without a good disguise.

Political scientists have long and unsuccessfully tried to understand the phenomenon of this strange power. Find out the reason for its inadequate actions and a steady slide towards unrestrained brutality. However, all efforts are in vain. Because there is no mystery here. A common biological process. Fight for survival. This is eloquently evidenced by the figures known to all. After the ill-fated elections - 34,607 people were arrested, 1,038 criminal cases were opened, 522 people were sentenced to real prison terms. These are the most massive repressions in Europe over the past forty years.

What is the reason for such a surge of cave hatred towards people? Yes, all the same, banal fear struck the vertical after the failed elections. And there is only one way to survive in such stressful conditions - the same as in nature. Mimicry, dexterous adaptation to changing environmental conditions. What kind of negotiations, dialogues, compromises can there be? The vertical is fighting for its prestigious place in the food chain. And everything is simple and clear. If you gape, they'll eat you. The usual Jurassic Park. And the mores are the same. So why grumble and be surprised?

Yes, no one is surprised at anything here for a long time. The more vile the atmosphere, the higher the degree of regime pretense. And therefore, in response to all the claims, reproaches, sanctions of the evil West, it was decided to deliver a crushing blow in response. From the side where nobody expected a trick. The General Prosecutor's Office is initiating a case on the genocide of the Belarusian people during the last war. The idea is simply stunning. Answer all intrigues in one fell swoop. You publish incriminating pictures there, find direct parallels with the times of the occupation, and here the anti-fascists of the last draft stand up as a powerful wall in front of all the enemies.

How do you like this camouflage? The highest achievement of the court thought. The newest example of total camouflage. Flounder and cuttlefish shyly retreat into the shadows. There was complete panic in the Reich Chancellery - they did not expect it! A new wave of emigration to South America. Even in hell, mass dismissals of prominent functionaries began, who allowed the slightest drop in temperature in especially odious boilers. And rightly so - they got relaxed and did not foresee that retribution was coming.

Only questions involuntarily arise against the background of the upcoming triumph of justice and general euphoria. And why did it take long twenty-six years for the idea of regime retaliation to mature? Previously, prosecutors did not know what happened in that war? And that is not all. Does the top of the vertical know that the Nuremberg trials took place? Or did you urgently need your own, Drozdy one?

Meaningless questions. The answer is easy to find all in the same unfortunate utility bill that brought the desperate groan of the vertical into the masses. This government does not manage to suppress the resistance of the people and destroy the white-red-white banner. That is why the temptation is so great to declare all the protesters and those indignant at the outrages of this regime fascists, And in one fell swoop to secure a long, carefree life in their usual armchairs. Yes, you never know who dreams of what!

Only the most innocent could have thought that dictatorship was a simple and even primitive business. What do the historians say? I came; I saw; I conquered. And throw up a banquet for that. But in reality, it is hard work. Hard labor, or rather. Someone was lucky to slip along the blade of a knife and dive into a burrow. But was it worth the fuss? Most of these poor fellows were sooner or later grabbed by the tail and brought to life.

And for the collective-farm loser, who received a black mark from his insidious fate on the day of the scandalous elections, it is ridiculous to count on some kind of revenge even in the distant future. Even if fortune threw another feint and decided to have a little more fun, this is how much black and meaningless work would have to be done. First of all – to suppress the protests. Easy to say! Then try to skillfully apply the latest camouflage to avoid an obscene pose, sitting on bayonets. And finally, stop time. Too weak for that?

So far, they are only trying to convince themselves: the protests have blown away. How else! The storm passed, the sea subsided. Here it is babbling and purring by the shore. Peace and even grace. But this is the sea!..

So we'll wait until tomorrow.

Uladzimir Khalip, specially for Charter97.org