16 May 2021, Sunday, 21:19
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The Strike Is Our Most Powerful Weapon

The Strike Is Our Most Powerful Weapon
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It is a strike that can lead us to victory over the usurper.

Telegram channel Basta! posted a letter from a reader:

- Society is no longer isolated groups united by an abstract rejection of the system. Separate communities have already emerged from it, and each of them clearly defends its interests. Students, doctors, retirees, workers, private business owners, IT specialists - everyone understands that they cannot stop. And it doesn't matter how many protesters take to the streets, 30,000 or 100,000. The process is scaled to the desired level.

State banks are already asking big businesses to repay large loans ahead of schedule. It is becoming more and more difficult to return VAT, and there is an acute shortage of funds. Tax revenues are significantly reduced, exports of the IT sector are falling.

Considering that our economy was already working end-to-end, without reserves, the deficit would be catastrophic. The closure of the striking establishments also sends a big "hello" to the budget of Minsk. Any action on people ricochets into the economy.

Friends, everyone remembers the events when the strike was launched.

No matter how hard Lukashenka tried to present the strikers as a handful of renegades who are easy to replace, in practice everything turned out quite differently - it is difficult to replace qualified workers. The protests gripped the most successful businesses that made real money. Any difficulties were instantly reflected in financial performance.

At the same time, sabotage and blocking of the railway took place. The relatively safe method of closing the sensors did not just cause Lukasescu's hysteria. There is both a deep fear (an echo of a rail war) and a practical fear - Belarus is a transit country, and any problems in the field of transport immediately hit the rest of the sectors.

The constitutional reform launched by Lukasescu, as well as the amendments to the basic law, are obviously absurd and quite expectedly did not find a response in society. The "authorities" are negotiating with themselves: one side is represented by the appointed jester Vaskresenski, and the other - the same tame political parties and "abschestvenniki."

One gets the feeling that they are trying to deceive not even the Belarusian society (we are only talking from a position of strength), but the main beneficiary and initiator of this reform - Russia. And there, too, they begin to suspect something and send signals that this time they will not be able to speak their teeth.

So, friends, a strike is our most powerful weapon against Lukashescu and his gang.

The strike is our right.

A strike is the safest form of protest that will lead us to victory over the dictatorship.