16 May 2021, Sunday, 22:37
Sim Sim, Charter 97!

Belarusians On 'Assassination Attempt': Kolya Mixed Up Pills Again!

Belarusians On 'Assassination Attempt': Kolya Mixed Up Pills Again!

Homel basement won the tender.

On April 17, Lukashenka said that political scientist Aliaksandr Fiaduta, head of the Belarusian Popular Front party Ryhor Kastusyou and Yury Ziankovich were involved in planning the assassination attempt on him and his sons. He also said that the secret services and the US leadership were behind the preparation of the assassination attempt.

The website Charter97.org collected the reaction of Belarusians to the inappropriate statements of the usurper:

"Why is the Association of Belarusian Psychiatrists evading from its direct duties? This is a disorder".

"This is Sputnik in action."

"Put him in a basement ... By the way, in the Homel region they have prepared a basement. We detained the group. We discovered the work of clearly foreign intelligence services - most likely the CIA, the FBI, I don't know which of the Americans worked there. We discovered their desire to come to Minsk and start organizing an assassination attempt on the president and his children," said the usurper.

"Along the way, the CIA and the FBI were digging a basement in the Homelomel region, and why in the Homel region? They could have dug a basement in each region, people would have helped, he's lost his mind. He's making up stuff on the go! People, he is mentally ill and dangerous!"

"Homel basement won the tender"

"Fiaduta brain, Ziankovich cashier, Kastusyou performer, duties shared by three ..."

They have already jailed everyone, there are only the nerds like Fiaduta and Ziankovich and the elderly Kastusyou, this is a bad tendency, who is next in line? Liabedzka remained, probably digging a tunnel to Warsaw, and Zianon Paznyak is digging towards, and there hordes of NATO zombie soldiers are crawling after him.

As for Fiaduta, although I feel sorry for him, of course, but whoever talked to Luka in due time must pay for it, so the clock rang."

"When at history lessons the teacher told about crazy rulers like Caligula and Nero, I thought: "Well, how could a madman stay in power ?! Will those around him follow the orders of a mentally ill person ?! ”. Now I personally see that a sick and aggressive bastard may well sit on the throne. It’s even ironic somehow."

"You see, Babaryka did not commit an assassination attempt."

"Remember, friend Saddam was also taken out of the basement by the American Marines."

"Kolya mixed up the pills again !!!"

"The CIA, prepared a basement in the Homel region"))) This must be a joke, how can these words appear in one sentence? Performer Fiaduta))) Have you seen Fiaduta? I would like to see a picture of how Fiaduta and Kastusyou tie up Viktar Lukashenka and take him to an equipped basement))) Well, an anecdote. And then what, what was the plan? Chop fingers and send by Belpost to Drazdy, or what? The CIA failed to recruit other performers? Only the head of the party and a political scientist, both of retirement age, there is no one else to "prepare the basement"))) Whom all this nonsense is designed for anyway? "

"The old man is apparently having the spring aggravation ... ... ... ..."

"Varenukha burst into tears and whispered in a trembling voice and looking around that he was lying solely out of fear, fearing revenge from the Woland gang, in whose hands he had already been, and what he asks, prays, longs to be locked in an armored cell." Somehow, something similar has already been described by Bulgakov in The Master and Margarita.

"He belongs in the basement."

"I haven't laughed that hard for a long time."