16 May 2021, Sunday, 21:31
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What a Spring Is Outside!

What a Spring Is Outside!
Photo: AFP

Don't stay in the room, don't make a mistake.

What did we do last summer and fall? We walked.

We walked tens of kilometers a day along wide avenues and narrow streets, rugged terrain, and open spaces. The sun was shining for us, sometimes it was raining, a drum sounded for us, we were shown hearts, victory signs, and raised fists. We went out for a walk because we wanted to.

Alive and free people go out of step and go wherever they want. They don't need singers and leaders. They sing because they have voices. And in 2020, these voices finally began to sound.

It turned out that the leaving character does not like it when we walk. Our voices and songs make him cringe. Like vampires from movies start to sparkle in the sunlight, local ghouls begin to explode from smiles, marches, and drums.

They need us to be sad and afraid. To quietly, obediently, walk along a given route.

These morally obsolete guys are enraged by walks. How many times it sounded afterward at different trials over people who were accidentally caught in the streets: you shouldn't have walked, you should have stayed at home.

They try to make barracks out of our own apartments and houses. And do not open the vents. Mustiness is their element.

After any contact with their offices and resolutions, with their protocols and information messages, you want to wash and air yourself. This desire is natural. This is how dead smells and looks like. Remember, children: we are witnessing a unique phenomenon - the end of an era. And all because, children, they did not like to walk and forbade others.

When you walk, the brains are ventilated, and the blood is filled with oxygen. Doctors and nutritionists talk about the benefits of taking regular walks. Psychologists also advise people to be outdoors more often.

When you walk with friends, you feel that you can handle everything. If Dud asked me what the strength is, I would answer: this is it. In a walk and togetherness. I know, I saw, I felt.

When you walk with tens of thousands of like-minded people, you begin to believe that the most intimate, most difficult, and unimaginable is possible. And it will definitely happen.

Belarus is not a prison or a concentration camp, no matter how much the pathetic people would like to convince us of this.

Belarus is the land of heroes. Do you think they are all in the past? Look at Mikalai Statkevich and Masha Kalesnikava, Pavel Seviarynets and Siarhei Tsikhanouski. At Viktar Babaryka and Eduard Babaryka. Look at Katsiaryna Barysevich or Katsiaryna Andreeva. Look at all those who now hold our country and our faith.

Look at those with whom you walked along the native streets. Look at yourself in the mirror. How cool it is to look yourself in the eye without shame. To see a person in the reflection, not a balaclava.

10 thousand steps a day - experts on health websites advise us.

Don't stay in the room, don't make a mistake. What a spring is outside!

Anton Kashlikau, 34mag.net