16 May 2021, Sunday, 20:29
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Lukashenka Accused CIA, FBI and Fiaduta of Attempted Murder

Lukashenka Accused CIA, FBI and Fiaduta of Attempted Murder

A native of the Shklou region announced this at a subbotnik.

During a subbotnik in his homeland in Aleksandryja, Lukashenka said why the political scientist Aliaksandr Fiaduta, politician Ryhor Kastusiou, and lawyer Yury Ziankovich were allegedly detained. According to him, they were involved in "planning an attempt on the lives of his sons," writes tut.by.

- The plan was to capture the child, first, second, if they can... "We will put them in the cellar..." By the way, they prepared the cellar in the Gomel region.

Photo of Homel Regional Department of Emercom

We detained the group. They brought us, showed us how it was all planned. I was silent. Then we discovered the work of clearly foreign intelligence services - most likely the CIA, the FBI, I don't know which of the Americans worked there. We discovered their desire to come to Minsk and start organizing an assassination attempt on me and the children, - said the usurper.

According to him, Minsk warned Moscow about this through the appropriate channels, "so that they would know the matter."

- God forbid, the answer will be the most severe. They were captured in Moscow. From the USA, agents flew in, some Ziankovich. We tracked them, observed them. They were afraid to go here after we detained several groups that had already taken their weapons here to hiding places. And they left for Moscow. Who else was there? Our guy was there, this one...

- Fiaduta, - state journalists told him.

- Then they began to look wider, Kastusiou appeared. To a lesser extent, he was not in Moscow, we traced him here. And several others, - Lukashenka continued.