18 May 2021, Tuesday, 4:45
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"Everything Collapses Under the Management of Shklou's Old Man"

"Everything Collapses Under the Management of Shklou's Old Man"

How the regime destroyed a unique enterprise in Barysau.

Until the 2000s, a unique enterprise OJSC Barysau Musical Instruments Plant operated in Barysau. The enterprise employed up to 2 thousand people, writes the Rabkor Telegram channel.

It was engaged in the release of unique products: they produced pianos, musical instruments, as well as grand pianos with ivory candlesticks.

There were 3 such enterprises in the world: in Holland, Russia, and Belarus. Products were sold to many countries around the world. It was here that cymbals, a Belarusian national instrument, were made, and now only private traders make them.

And in an instant, it just disappeared, everything looks like money were given to remove a competitor. Under the wonderful management of the Shklou's old man, everything collapses.