16 May 2021, Sunday, 22:31
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What Is Happening Now at the Site of a Water Emergency in Minsk

What Is Happening Now at the Site of a Water Emergency in Minsk
Photo: Onliner

From the very morning, not indifferent Minskers began to deliver water to the affected areas.

After yesterday's communal emergency, an unenviable part of Minsk was left without water. The official reason has not yet been named, but, most likely, it will be about external influence: not only the pipeline was damaged but also the gas pipe. In the middle of the night, the cold and hot water returned to the taps, but so far, the sanitary station still does not recommend drinking this water. In the morning, the gas supply was also restored, but the problems still remain. Onliner.by journalists went to the site and looked at what was happening in the area of the accident.

Work continues in the parking lot at the Green shopping center, where an imposing fountain grumbled yesterday. At night, a large excavator was brought here, which excavated the place of the breakthrough. Numerous vehicles of the Ministry of Emergency Situations were replaced by special equipment from Vodokanal; the emergency brigade of "Mingaz" organized a watch in the parking lot.

Now the workers are pumping out the water. Nobody even undertakes to talk about the reasons for what happened.

- God knows what could have happened here. In the morning, they woke us up, my head was bad, but I have to work, - the man in the helmet says tiredly.

- A new water supply system is being laid here, but it has not yet been launched. The old one crashed. See, there are huge pipes? An even bigger one broke. And why - I have no idea. Some kind of building fence is placed here, but whether they built something here or not - I have no idea, - adds a colleague.

Several high-rise buildings for people on the waiting list are being actively built near the shopping center. However, it cannot yet be asserted that what happened is related to the construction site.

In the Green itself, where the water was actively bought yesterday, today it is full of drinks for every taste. There are no queues, a block of clean water stands right at the ticket offices for convenience.

From the very morning, not indifferent Minskers began to deliver water to the affected areas. Here is what a resident of one of the high-rise buildings that was left without water said:

- Thank God, we have people who are not indifferent to someone else's problem. And the call for help received offers almost immediately. The volunteers, if you can call them that, asked where to bring the water. But I personally did not communicate with them. I redirected the solution of the issue to a responsible person from the partnership of owners since I was not the only one who needed water. Two girls arrived at the appointed place. Their trunk was loaded to capacity with bottled water, - Aksana from Minsk told us.

In the morning, the Minsk City Executive Committee published lists of addresses where you can get water. However, before finding the cistern, we had to go around as many as three addresses. Later it turned out that they decided to change the location of the equipment.

- The water is still dirty, but not as black as in the morning. Although we will not drink it anyway, - says the girl with two five-liter bottles in her hands.

Now you can collect water at the following addresses:

st. Prushynskikh, 10;

st. Prushynskikh, 72;

st. Drazdovicha, 2;

st. Plekhanava, 40;

st. Zhukouskaha, 5/1;

st. Haladzeda, 73;

st. Asanalieva, 10;

st. Landera, 76.

The Minsk City Executive Committee promised to tell about the reasons for the incident as soon as they become known.