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Lukashenka's Associates Began to Describe With Pleasure How the Master Would Be Killed

Lukashenka's Associates Began to Describe With Pleasure How the Master Would Be Killed
Andrei Sannikau

The main thing is to make it before the jeeps.

With what delight Lukashenka's associates began to describe in detail how the master would be killed.

There is a new sport in Belarus: prevention of conspiracies and attempts on Lukashenka's life.

It is clear that in order to successfully prevent them, they must be successfully organized. For many years of the regime's existence, this has been done by special services and propagandists. Not prevention, of course, but organizing and inventing tales about "terrorists."

There is not much imagination there, but that's the regime...

However, in the last few days, there have been so many "conspiracies" that it is already difficult to explain them simply by the desire to serve the owner.

And when the dictator himself did not just talk about his death but also offered options to choose from, it became clear: "Something is wrong!"

With what delight Lukashenka's associates began to describe in detail how the master would be killed. Apparently, they have already set fire to the fuse cord somewhere. All their accumulated fantasies splashed across all channels. Even the people of Belarus, who had seen a lot, opened their mouths in amazement.

Such methods of killing a decrepit master could be invented only by lackeys who sincerely hate him. And, also, more dumb and humiliating "performers" were chosen.

More and more whistleblowers of "conspiracies" appear who are more and more freaky.

For example, a certain Stanislau Kniazeu. Just look at his regalia: historian, doctor of law, professor, former rector of Lukashenka's "academy" of management, rector of some other "university," first deputy head of Lukashenka’s administration, and he was also the head of the National Security Institute, deputy secretary of the Security Council and headed the KGB military counterintelligence department.

Based on these positions, a more knowledgeable person in security matters is hard to find.

It was he who became the author of the popularly beloved version:

"Around 150 off-road vehicles with heavy machine guns were being prepared. We could see them on television when they chased Gaddafi across the desert. Remember that? It was assumed, under the guise of an invasion, that they would reach Minsk from Lithuania."

It is impossible not to trust a person with such a track record. This means that the inner circle has already decided: everything will go according to the Libyan scenario. Moreover, Lukashenka swore eternal friendship to the late Colonel Gaddafi. He even allowed him to pitch his tent somewhere in his lands.

Gaddafi came with his tent to Moscow to his friends, drove pegs near the Kremlin, lit a fire.

I recalled that shortly before the news that Gaddafi was killed, Dmitry Medvedev, who was then president, said that the fate of the colonel "will be decided by the Libyan people."

For some reason, I recalled the recent statement of Putin, who replaced Medvedev as president: "We need to let the Belarusian people figure it out inside the country."

The Internet helped clarify these quotes and, at the same time, highlighted an article in the semi-official Gazeta.ru on the death of the Libyan colonel.

For some reason, the name of the author of the column, published under the heading "Tyrants of Peace" in the author's column "Opinions," has disappeared, but the text has not lost its relevance.

I will not deny myself the pleasure of quoting selected passages:

"The violent death of Gaddafi is a warning to the champions of political longevity...

The longer and more shamelessly political despotism lasts, the more terrible its end can be...

By canceling the possibility of change, Muammar Gaddafi and his clan have carefully raised their gravediggers. This is the case when reluctance to retire leads to murder.

To call these gravediggers the "Libyan people," as President Medvedev did, is to refer to Deus ex machina. The people as a subject of the expression of will is, of course, wonderful, but such an expression of will cannot be freely exercised under the supervision of armed groups. There is only one way to summarize the will of the people - a secret ballot with the free competition of political opinions without coercion from the commissars with machine guns or party cards.

The longer and more shamelessly the political tyranny lasts - of course, in every possible way referring to the will of the people - the more terrible its end can be."

They know how to write, if they want, even in Russian!

But back to our Palestine.

Trying to somehow resist the growing internal desire to get rid of him, Lukashenka decided to anticipate such a development of events and, out of fear, announced who would be the junta after his death.

It seemed to him that he anticipated but, in fact, named the performers and organizers by name.

But he did not name the same Kniazeu with Libyan jeeps. Although... maybe with intent? After all, you can flee on jeeps, especially with machine guns, and especially with large-caliber ones.

Definitely, this Kniazeu knows something.

It's not for nothing that he has been silent for so many years.

Andrei Sannikau, Facebook