20 April 2021, Tuesday, 7:47
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Rocket Complex "Tochka-U" Demolished a Village House in the Asipovichy Region

Rocket Complex "Tochka-U" Demolished a Village House in the Asipovichy Region

There is no half of the house, the hostess accidentally survived.

In the village of Maiseevichy, Asipovichy region, on the morning of April 5, a missile system crashed into a private house and demolished almost half of the building. The 85-year-old owner of the house miraculously survived - at that moment she went out into the street. The traffic police worked at the scene of the accident. An ambulance also came, as the pensioner became ill - her blood pressure increased.

As the daughter of the owner of the house told tut.by, she was with her mother - she was in the yard - when she heard a terrible crack and blow at about 10 am. She ran over the fence and saw military equipment driving into the wall of the house. By a happy coincidence, her mother, 85-year-old Hanna Mikalaeuna, who usually lives in the house alone, went out into the yard just at that moment. And thus she was saved.

- The driver of this military vehicle is a very young guy, a conscript, I guess. He said that they were from the Asipovichy military unit 61 732. He says they were driving somewhere in the direction of Slutsk: either they were transporting a car or something else. And here in our village, there is a sharp turn. I do not know how fast they were driving, although we have a speed limit of 40 km/h, but, obviously, they lost control and crashed into the house, - daughter Valiantsina Ryhorauna says.

The military equipment that crashed into the house is the Tochka-U tactical missile system.

The military has already pulled the missile system out of the wall of the house using a truck. They said they would compensate for the damage, the woman added. At the same time, the insurer is expected to assess the damage. According to Valiantsina Ryhorauna, it is impossible to live in the house; for now, she will take her mother to her in Asipovichy.

- In the house, the stove and the wall are gone. I don't know what state the structures are in as a whole - specialists are needed to assess this, - the woman said. - But visually the house is "gone" - it is skewed.

The family recently made repairs in the house: last year, they changed the slate, strengthened the floor logs; this year, they covered the walls and ceiling with plasterboard, changed the floors, literally tomorrow they were going to put the wallpapers.

According to the daughter of the owner of the house, military equipment of the Asipovichy military units often goes through the village, along which the former military road passes.

The Ministry of Defense has not yet commented on the incident.