20 April 2021, Tuesday, 7:06
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Serious Fire Occurred At Minsk Gear Plant

Serious Fire Occurred At Minsk Gear Plant

The fire covered the shop on an area of 100 m2.

Rescuers are working at 17 Dauhabrodskaya Street, where the Minsk gear plant is located. This was reported to a correspondent of the Minsk-News agency in the Ministry of Emergency Situations.

The department explained that right now, the attic of the shop is on fire at this address. The flame has spread over an area of 100 m2.

They also said that a large number of equipment and rescuers arrived at the scene, so they used the term "the second number of the call".

- The higher the number, the more equipment and rescuers. A professional term, but we do not see any particular problem in using it in the open air, - the Ministry of Emergency Situations, adding that the details of the emergency will be known later.