20 April 2021, Tuesday, 8:00
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"The Regime's Real Power Shrinks like Pebbled Skin"

"The Regime's Real Power Shrinks like Pebbled Skin"
Photo: svaboda.org

This is observed now in many spheres of life in Belarus.

The founder of Strong News, Piotr Kuzniatsou, wrote in his telegram channel about Cockroach's instructions to “optimize” foreign embassies.

- Lukashenka had a very interesting meeting on the work of the Foreign Ministry. Generally speaking, it became very noticeable that from a certain moment meetings in a similar format began to be held daily (or almost) and on literally any issue.

It is interesting that earlier, a year ago, the user was not treated so consistently and monotonously with such a picture - obviously, there was no need to remind that there is power in the country. And now it has appeared.

I wanted to say “let them PR strategies be,” but it didn’t work out that way because everything further depends on them. Specifically, the extent to which they, judging by what is seen, do not correspond to reality. That is, I want to show the strength of the hand in control, but it turns out to show only the absence of such.

From what was demonstrated to us today, it follows that the key message of today's meeting was the admonition that the diplomatic presence is meaningless and hopeless in several countries (this, they say, all our experience speaks of), and therefore, it should be curtailed to not spend money on what is useless. It is necessary, they say, to work only with those who buy our products and do not talk about politics - only business and nothing personal.

What is interesting behind these statements?

First, of course, it is very interesting to see what will follow these statements in terms of concrete actions. Most likely, of course, nothing. There is a suspicion that not a single diplomatic mission in any country will be closed.

And, if this is so, then we must understand today's announcement of the "general line" as foreign policy blackmail by the possible burning of bridges. If, they say, you continue to teach us life, we will break up with everyone. Let us limit our entire foreign policy to Russia, Russia will also speak to you on our behalf - is this what you want?

If, in reality, there will be some kind of "optimization" of the embassies, this will mean that the blackmail described above is not a bluff, but the regime is really ready to part with part of its independence, in this case, geopolitical. Because, by reducing diplomatic contacts with "unpromising" (read - Western) countries, reducing the function of the Foreign Ministry solely to trade in tractors and sugar in the republics of the third and thirty-third worlds (where we are striving as hard as we can), official Minsk is demonstrating its readiness to become an international "black hole" without its own subjectivity.

If this really happens, without any doubt, part of the functions of the closed diplomatic institutions of Belarus will pass to the Russian ones, sovereign contacts on the external perimeter will be reduced to a minimum, and not only bridges but also many other instruments of its own foreign policy independence will be burnt.

If you look at the picture in general, so to speak, on a large scale, then the plans announced today are a good illustration of how the real power of the current regime is shrinking like pebbled skin.

Power is not only the ability to swing a club and put people in jail. The legitimate representation of the people is one of the pillars of real power, and the implementation of foreign policy is one of the main components of this representative option.

Based on the current situation, we see that this trend is in such decline and has died so much that Minsk is ready to admit and sign that this part of political power no longer belongs to it.

By the way. Surprisingly, we are seeing this in so many areas of life now. The whole league of “What? Where? When?” has left - they had to recruit schoolchildren. In sports, there is no need to remind. In culture, on the example of Eurovision and Slavianski Bazaar, there is a similar trend. There are many more examples, there is not enough space in the post, you can go on and on. The essence is the same - everything goes in one possible direction.