16 May 2021, Sunday, 19:32
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"One Wrong Move - and You Can Have a Bad Cup of Tea": How Lukashenka Prepares His Liquidation

"One Wrong Move - and You Can Have a Bad Cup of Tea": How Lukashenka Prepares His Liquidation

In the story of the "conspiracy," the dictator made two strategic mistakes.

The film about the “conspiracy” against Lukashenka, which was made to dot the i's, really clarified a lot. Now even those who slightly doubted the literary critic-terrorist have finally understood all the senselessness of the story, as writes Salidarnasts.

But the authorities nevertheless made a strategic mistake when they decided to play the plot of the “assassination attempt” on Lukashenka. And also make it so absurd. This whole conspiracy seems so ridiculous only at first glance. However, its consequences are far from harmless. First of all, for Lukashenka himself.

Firstly, you need to understand that the constant pedaling of the topic of assassination is a so-so occupation. Told in every way (and even reinforced using a film with such a tempting title), assassination scenarios can certainly give birth to quite unambiguous urges in someone's head. And the absurdity of the plot is downright tempting to write something more believable and "show how it's done."

Again, it would be good to understand who is the author of the masterpieces about 150 jeeps from the Lithuanian border and the cellar for sons? Because, if this is a spontaneous improvisation of the leader himself, to which everyone else was forced to adjust, then this is one thing.

If the scenario was proposed by “loyal comrades with shoulder straps,” then it would be worthwhile for Lukashenka to think: are they really “loyal”? Because it clearly smacks of ideological sabotage to undermine the authority.

However, let's not throw unfounded accusations against Lukashenka's comrades-in-arms - in the end, natural (or rather, unnatural) selection in the ranks close to the body could also bear fruit for such a bizarre configuration.

However, we should not forget about those who could be offended by such an uncomplicated storyline for the honor of the uniform. Because it is unpleasant when you and the structure you represent are exposed in this light. And touchy comrades with shoulder straps-this is no longer a "Pushkinist" in the cellars.

Well, the main mistake of Lukashenka is the idea, in case of his elimination, to leave the powers of the president to the Security Council. In fact, this is a mine planted for his own safety. Because it’s one thing when the presidential post is only for one person (the same prime minister), and quite another thing - for a dozen, almost each of whom has a whole power department.

Again, one should not forget that many members of the Security Council are tightly oriented towards the Russian vector. In general, the number of beneficiaries is growing by leaps and bounds. One wrong move in the allied direction - and you can have a bad cup of tea.

So it turns out that Lukashenka not only threw up the idea but also expanded the circle of those interested. Not the most sensible tactic, frankly. Here even the literary critic Fiaduta is not needed to explain what the denouement of this plot might be.