15 June 2021, Tuesday, 17:13
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"Lukashenka Won't Survive Accusations of Terrorism"

"Lukashenka Won't Survive Accusations of Terrorism"
photo: dpa

They will stop doing business with him.

Four German lawyers appealed to the Federal Prosecutor's Office in Karlsruhe in connection with the use of violence against civilians in Belarus amid peaceful protests that began after the presidential election in August 2020. On behalf of Belarusian victims of torture, they reported to the prosecutor's office on crimes against humanity committed by Belarusian ruler Aliaksandr Lukashenka.

According to Belarusian activist Anton Malkin, the lawsuit to the German Prosecutor's Office is only the first step towards the recognition of Lukashenka's regime as a terrorist organization. "Declaring Lukashenka a terrorist may be an ultimatum tool not just to pressure him, but tear down the regime," Malkin said in an interview with Deutsche Welle.

According to him, Lukashenka won't stand accusations of crimes against humanity and terrorism: "If he still has some lobby, business he does with someone, political and economic ties, then already now (after the publication of the news about the suit - Ed.) this support has weakened. It's clear to everyone that he is a temporary person. Those who do business with him now will be responsible for that for many years.

Katsper Sinitski, a torture victim, also considers the attempt to recognize Lukashenka's regime as a terrorist the right decision. "That's why I'm also involved in it and will testify, seek justice for the Belarusians and myself," emphasizes the young journalist. He hopes the lawsuit will help draw additional international attention to Belarus and influence the current situation of repression in the country. For Sinitski, Belarusians need to learn that they can apply to the court in another country.