21 June 2021, Monday, 5:06
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‘Lukashenka Has Big Doubts That Even Closest People Will Remain Loyal To Him’

‘Lukashenka Has Big Doubts That Even Closest People Will Remain Loyal To Him’

Another reason for the Security Council to hate the dictator has appeared.

Founder of Silnye Novosti, journalist Pyotr Kuzniatsou believes that by signing a decree in case of his own death, Lukashenka has deprived his associates of the slightest chance to shift their ground.

“Over the past long weekend, a lot of really important events have happened in the country and in the world, which are worth paying attention to,” notes Pyotr Kuzniatsou. - We, of course, are primarily interested in what is happening in Belarus. And here until now, although three days have passed, they are still discussing the appearance of an “epoch-making” decree, which Lukashenka announced as perhaps the most important decision in almost 27 years of his rule.

The decree is an absolutely obvious recognition of the bankruptcy of the system, and of what the current bureaucracy for some reason calls “the state” - in any state there are some real mechanisms for changing the government, but in Belarus, as it turns out, there are simply none. That is, while the current ruler is physically alive, he is not going to leave, but when he is physically gone, declare a state of emergency and sort it out there somehow. Let's face it, for the sake of such an outcome of “state building” from the point of view of historical significance, it hardly made sense to hold on to power for so long and at any cost.

However, the most beautiful thing here is not even that. The most beautiful thing here is that, based on the above, this decree has absolutely no meaning. If the whole system is oriented towards the rule of one person, and this is actually directly recognized, what is the point in creating collective bodies if he is suddenly not there anymore? Such a body will simply not be able to work without a single connecting link - everyone will have their own interests, which were hidden and suppressed in the face of a single leader, there can be no other way.

Given that the decree itself violates the Constitution, even if the “junta” does get together and tries to decide something, any other strong group will be able to challenge its legitimacy, and inside, most likely, there will be insurmountable contradictions and the players will again be able to refer to the Constitution. In other words, at the end of 27 years - emptiness, and for the future - nothing is really working.

However, it is quite possible that the signing of the decree did not carry any big meanings, and the loud announcement - well, for a catchphrase. This action has, in fact, one very clear, concrete and practical moment. After signing it, literally everyone who is enrolled in the Security Council, as in a kind of “black list”, is deprived of the slightest chance to “shift their ground” - they are labeled as the closest, trusted and reliable allies and pillars of the regime, accomplices of everything, bearing responsibility for everything.

Here it will be very relevant to recall the recent statements of Lukashenka on the topic that it would be nice for civil servants to stand out from the crowd and it is necessary to come up with some signs for them. It is unlikely that the bureaucrats will be very happy if these ideas are implemented - in this way they will simply be deprived of both the opportunity to try on their asses on two chairs, and the opportunity to say later that they did not agree with something.

Therefore, from a political point of view, it is hardly worth considering what happened as something very important and fateful. The signing of this document should be regarded only as one of the stages of the regime's struggle for its survival - a kind of mobilization mechanism. And, if you interpret it that way, then you can hardly take it as evidence of the confidence of the ruler and his allies. Rather, as a sign of very big doubts that even those closest to him will remain loyal in case the thunder breaks out again.