15 June 2021, Tuesday, 15:49
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Political Scientist: Risks For Lukashenka To Be Overthrown Only Increased

Political Scientist: Risks For Lukashenka To Be Overthrown Only Increased

After signing the "surrender document," the situation for the dictator has become even less predictable.

According to Doctor of Political Science, Director of the Political Sphere Institute Andrei Kazakevich, Lukashenka's decree on the transfer of power in the country to the Security Council in case of the ruler's death only increased the risks for him, the Voice of America reports.

According to the expert, the document "complicates the situation rather than solves it in any way".

The decree transfers powers to the Security Council, which will act according to unknown rules.

"Now this body does not make any important decisions, and suddenly it gets all the powers. Not the government, not the country's parliament, but the Security Council. There may be consensus among its members on important issues, or there may not be any. Voting in the Council is supposed to be secret, but who will supervise it and who will organize the counting of votes? - the director of the Political Sphere institute is perplexed.

According to the expert, it is not so important today whether Lukashenka is really afraid of a possible coup or not. The question is whether such a mechanism can reduce the risks for Lukashenka's family in case something serious actually happens.

"If you read the text of the decree carefully, it becomes clear that these problems are not solved in any way. Rather, on the contrary, the risks increase, because parallel political structures are created, which are potentially influential, but in terms of law do not have the power. And it turns out that it is quite a convoluted scheme, which makes the whole system even less predictable and stable," - Kazakevich concludes.

We remind that independent experts have already called the decree signed on May 9 "document of Lukashenka's surrender".