20 June 2021, Sunday, 18:01
Sim Sim, Charter 97!

"The End Of Timeserver: Lukashenka Disgraced, Cornered"

"The End Of Timeserver: Lukashenka Disgraced, Cornered"

Interesting events are just beginning.

It is becoming increasingly difficult for the Lukashenka regime to earn hard currency by selling oil products from cheap Russian oil to Europe. European banks began to refuse to finance transactions with Belarus after the imposition of US sanctions against the country's largest refinery, Naftan. Meanwhile, the regime receives 20% of its foreign exchange earnings from the sale of oil products to the West. Thus, one-fifth of Cockroach's exports will be paralyzed.

Charter97.org readers expressed their opinion on the first consequences of the US sanctions against the Lukashenka regime:

"Wait, this is still just a beginning. The next step is potassium, chemistry, woodworking, companies of the bootlickers... "

"Life-giving sanctions have started to work - and that's great! Soon the punishers will no longer want to defend the last hair of their chieftain! Or do they think that Russia will pour money, as always? No they won't! It is a thousand times more profitable for Putin to come to an agreement with the West, and by joint efforts to throw the greasy temporary worker in the trash, and thereby soften relations with Biden at least a little. "

"The Potato Elk sees and understands his position very well ... THIS IS REALLY THE END .. What to talk about, even if the Russian oil tycoons started shaking their heads, and refused to cooperate with the regime so as not to fall under the sanctions. In general, the Elk has been cornered - even those whom he previously considered friends turned against him ... This is always the case with disgraced mafiosi. They get removed by their own gang."

"Nobody will give a penny to this rat. And he is still running around. Every day they come up with new extortions for the people. You cannot replenish the budget at the expense of the poor people. Give back what you stole with your family, pay off the debts and the same amount will remain for the country."

"There is just a little bit left - Belaruskali. It is going through hardships already. The profit has dropped sharply, the Garlyk collar has squeezed it's neck and there are enough other unsolved cases requiring maintenance and keeping afloat."

"Kolya, stop giving him pills! Become a hero, liberate Belarus! Before Belarusians free it from your whole family! And so it will be!"

"Europe, stop sleeping, it's time to turn off the financial tap of the bandit regime."

"Hooray! Fireworks! Bravo! Make it even tougher."

"Only a common STRIKE will help! When the workers take to the streets with wrenches."