15 May 2021, Saturday, 7:46
Sim Sim, Charter 97!

Even Weather Rebels

Even Weather Rebels
Andrei Zhvaleuski

We are awaiting new reports on the torn-off red-green flags.

You will probably laugh, but I’ll start with the weather. The bad weather, to be precise. The wind has not just blown away the early springs of warmth, but crashed down many trees and billboards. It may seem, how is that supposed to be connected with protests? Well, the hurricane also broke the flagpole in Novaya Baravaya. The red-green flag, which had been placed there to punish the residents, fell down. The officials have been unable to put it back so far. So we are awaiting more reports on the torn-off red-green flags, and a criminal case against the non-sanctioned air masses.

Why is this important? This may seem magical thinking, but this is not the first time nature shows its attitude to our revolution. When we took to big crowded rallies, it was a nice sunny weather. As we approached the Palace of Dependence - storm clouds came gathering, and it started raining (remember the famous photo “Dark versus Light”? Those who weren’t there were sure it was photoshopped). And when the punishers found the right tactic, when they started bringing to the city the heavy odds of the occupying army - the weather went bad, some nasty rain and cold came. Also, do you remember how many signs we’ve seen: the double rainbow, the white-red-white sunrise, the halo over the church…

The Gismeteo first gave a favourable weather forecast for March 25 as well. But then, obviously, there was not enough decisiveness. Now I am monitoring the forecast for the upcoming 10 days. Rain and chill till May 9. Then it will get warmer, with no fallout. And the wind will get twice lighter than it is today.

What to do? Read the signs that Dear Universe is sending. Find hope in them. This helps to maintain tonus, faith, and gives resources. No kidding.

Andrei Zhvaleuski, Facebook