18 June 2021, Friday, 12:23
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Change of Power Is the Main Condition for Saving Belarus

Change of Power Is the Main Condition for Saving Belarus
Andrei Sannikau

Rapprochement with Europe will help protect our independence and ensure a decent life for the people.

Belarus is in urgent need of reforming not only the political system but also the economy.

The long-term dictatorial rule is capable of producing only problems, both within the country and in international relations. We must part with this decaying system as soon as possible in order to save the country from collapse and prevent the transformation of the citizens of Belarus into slaves. Only free citizens can become professionals capable of working for the good of their country and defending their rights and interests.

Today, not only courageous people, patriots, heroes have been thrown into prisons; those who are able and must govern the state, reform the country's economy, and ensure the worthy progressive development of Belarus are thrown behind bars.

Among them are the leaders and activists of the civil campaign European Belarus.

The past year, 2020, was the year of the collapse of the Lukashenka regime. Unfortunately, the rule of this collective farm clique lasted too long, but it came to its logical end last year.

Lukashenka still clings to power but no longer runs the state in the sense that his regime is in no way capable of solving elementary economic, social, and political problems.

The early departure of Lukashenka is no longer just the demand of the overwhelming majority of Belarusians, it is the main factor in preserving the independence of Belarus and saving our economy.

It is already clear today that the transition from dictatorship to democracy (and only this form of state structure will allow the necessary reforms to be carried out) will require hard and selfless work, which will be enough for everyone. To all political and social forces of Belarus.

The European Belarus civil campaign will undoubtedly take an active part in restoring normal life in the country, which will begin with free elections.

In our opinion, at first, it is advisable to hold parliamentary elections on the basis of the 1994 Constitution. This will create conditions for creative synergy and will allow us to simultaneously engage in lawmaking and the practical aspects of the state's life.

It is unsafe to start rebuilding the political system with the presidential elections since excess power may end up in the hands of one group, the harmful consequences of which we are witnessing today.

Our participation in fair elections will be based on two main principles: the independence of Belarus and integration with Europe.

The logic here is simple: Europe has laws, human rights are protected, and there is a wealth of positive experience in political and economic transformation. Our eastern neighbors, unfortunately, followed the path of Lukashenka’s regime and not only are not a source of positive experience of transformations for Belarus, but they also threaten our independence and finance a dictatorship in Belarus.

European Belarus, which was founded in 2008, from the very beginning of its activity defended the European vector of development of our country while unconditionally preserving and strengthening our independence. These were the main principles of our participation in political campaigns, including the 2010 campaign related to the “presidential elections.” Our meetings with voters were held in the format of a serious and interested discussion of the ways of development of Belarus, and we saw that our approaches are shared by millions of residents of our country.

The civil campaign European Belarus considers the restored independence of Belarus to be an unconditional value. The activists of European Belarus with their dedication and adherence to principles have done a lot to preserve our independence, despite the persecution and repression by the dictatorial regime, which continues to this day.

The issue of the change of power in Belarus is a matter of the country's survival and the conquest of freedom for everyone and everyone.

The change of power will allow the enormous creative potential, which is so vividly manifested during our revolution, to be realized.

Rapprochement with Europe will help protect our independence and ensure a decent life for the people.

Long live free European Belarus!

Andrei Sannikau, leader of the civil campaign European Belarus, europeanbelarus.org