15 June 2021, Tuesday, 16:23
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Belarusians Celebrate Victory Day On May 9

Belarusians Celebrate Victory Day On May 9

We have defeated fascism - we will also defeat Lukashism.

Today, on Victory Day, Belarusians across the country are holding actions against the fascist regime of Lukashenka.

On the eve, the independent Telegram channels called on Belarusians to take to the streets of cities on May 9, and not to forget about political prisoners.

The head of National Anti-crisis Management Pavel Latushka also addressed Belarusians, urging to celebrate May 9 with dignity.

The website Charter97.org is covering the May 9 protests live.

21:06 Svetlahorsk does not give up!

21:00 An action of the Belarusian diaspora with white-red-white flowers was held in St. Petersburg.

20:06 Residents of the Central district of Minsk congratulate all Belarusians on Victory Day!

19:58 More than 150 Belarusians took part in an action of solidarity and protest in Warsaw.

19:25 "We are here, we are many, we will be victorious": the Belarusians of Oslo demanded new elections and the release of political prisoners.

19:01 Partisans from Siomkava, Belaazersk and Homel congratulate Belarus on Victory Day! Actions are held under white-red-white flags.

18:35 Maladechna congratulates Belarusians on Victory Day.

17:58 In Bialystok, an action was held under the slogan: "We have defeated fascism - we will defeat lukashism!"

17:24 The Belarusian-language version of the song "Sacred War" has appeared.

17:14 The memory of the victims of the Second World War was honored in Navahradak.

16:55 Minsk partisans hung out a huge flag near Spartyunaya metro station.

16:40 Partisans in Smaliavichy launched a white-red-white flag into the sky.

16:22 The Belarusians of Georgia raised the white-red-white flag.

16:19 Improvised white-red-white flags appeared near Radashkovichy.

15:50 Belarusians left a message on the "Tabakerka" tobacco kiosk

15:32 Minskers laid white and red flowers to the graves of Masherau and Bykau.

15:18 Today, the entire Minsk is decorated with anti-fascist graffiti. The partisans did a great job!

15:17 Leninski district of Minsk congratulated Belarusians on Victory Day. White-red-white balloons soared into the sky.

14:48 Vitebsk activists on Victory Day called for the disinfection of Belarus.

14:18 In Smarhon, partisans decorate their city with protest stickers "Belarus without Luka!"

14:16 The Belarusians of David-Haradok, Brest, Dziarzhynsk-Koydanava and Landshut (Germany) held an action today, and declared: "We have defeated fascism - we will defeat Lukashism!"

13:57 Partisans of the Savetski District of the capital marched and laid flowers at the memorial shield of the secret house of the first Minsk anti-fascist underground. The descendants of partisans and underground fighters will be able to overcome the plague of the 21st century - Lukashism!

13:33 Residents of Vaukavysk honored the memory of those killed during the Great Patriotic War and marched through the city.

13:13 Minskers from the Druzhba residential complex congratulated everyone on the Victory Day and sent white-red-white balloons into the sky.

12:35 On Victory Day, the Minsk partisans conveyed their greetings to the commander of the Minsk riot police troops Balaba. Punishers must know that we remember everything, and will hold them accountable.

12:33 The central district of the capital congratulates all Belarusians on the holiday!

12:30 Inhabitants of Melezh Street in Minsk also marched today.

12:28 "We believe in a quick victory over the revived fascist follower in the center of Europe!": the Belarusian diaspora of Odesa congratulated fellow countrymen on Victory Day.

12:11 The Belarusians of Toronto went to a picket on May 9 and called on their fellow countrymen to fight the dictator until victory!

12:10 Residents of Senitsa marched in honor of the Belarusian heroes who won the war, and are fighting against modern fascism.

12:08 Belarusian cities are massively decorated with national flags in honor of Victory Day.

11:39 Salihorsk partisans congratulated the veterans on Victory Day, and thanked them for their steadfastness and courage.

11:37 Belarusians in Moscow congratulated their fellow countrymen on Victory Day:

“Being in the legendary Victory Train, which arrived at the Belorussky railway station.

We remember the price of Victory in that terrible war. And we do not want to see the manifestation of fascism and genocide in the current peacetime on our native land!

We have defeated fascism, we will also defeat Lukashism! "

11:25 Fascism and Lukashism have no place on our land! This was stated by the partisans of the Frunzenski district of Minsk, who held a daring action today.

11:24 In Khatsezhyna, our national flag was raised on a huge flagpole.

11:23 The embankment of Brest on Victory Day pleases residents of the city with national flags.

11:21 For the Victory Day, the choir of the village of Barauliany recorded a video with the song "We are here, we are many, we will be victorious."

11:16 Minsk district Zmena congratulated Belarusians on Victory Day. "Now is our time to write the history of New Belarus, to fight against dictatorship and lawlessness in all possible ways, sparing no effort and time, seeking freedom and a happy future for our children. There is no turning back! Only forward! To the Victory! "

11:12 The partisans of Homel Kastsyukouka congratulated Belarusians with the quotes of Bykau and Karatkevich. "Only with freedom and independence there can be the continuation of the Belarusian history," Vasil Bykau. "Suppression can give birth not only to slaves. The weak may turn into slaves. But the strong under suppression turn into ! ” Uladzimir Karatkevich.

11:11 Brest residents, before the march, congratulated all free Belarusians on Victory Day.

11:11 The Belarusians of Wroclaw paid tribute to the memory of the victims of the Second World War, and expressed support for their fellow countrymen fighting against Lukashism.

11:10 In honor of May 9, free residents of the Leninski district decorated Loshytsa park for the holiday.

11:09 Malaga Belarusians came out to support their fellow countrymen on Victory Day.

10:53 On the initiative of the RAZAM community, the Belarusians of Israel gathered at an action of solidarity with their fellow countrymen in Jerusalem and Netanya. "We believe that soon RAZAM will celebrate the victory over Lukashism! Long live Belarus! ", said the organizers of the action.

10:30 The Belarusians of Vienna also took part in a rally in honor of the Victory Day. "We took to an action of solidarity with those who defeated fascism in World War II, and who continue the work of their ancestors and are fighting against another mustachioed invader!" they said.

10:28 Residents of the Lebyazhy microdistrict hung out national flags and congratulated Belarusians on May 9. "We are proud of our grandfathers, and try to be worthy of them!"

10:24 The Kurasouschyna partisans congratulated everyone on Victory Day with the help of "Chaser" graffiti. We have defeated fascism - we will also defeat Lukashism!

10:11 Residents of Rechytsa in the morning hung out a huge national flag in honor of Victory Day.

9:41 Residents of Baranavichy on Victory Day marched through the city with national flags.