25 July 2021, Sunday, 10:35
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"I Am Ashamed of Such "Colleagues"

"I Am Ashamed of Such "Colleagues"

The cry of the soul of a medical worker.

The editorial office of the Basta Telegram channel received a letter from a medical worker:

- Everyone remembers the huge volunteer assistance to medical institutions at the very beginning of the covid epidemic; take, for example, 10th City Clinical Hospital: volunteers, not the state, the Belarusians themselves provided doctors not only with PPE but also with hot meals for all employees.

Now the nurses of the intensive care unit and all departments each donate 15 (!) Rubles for the Medical Bulletin.

When you ask: how does conscience allow you to sponsor a fascist regime, when so many people not only suffered (they were morally and mentally mutilated, killed, they are still persecuted and still tormented), but were also forced to immigrate, and among them are many of your medical colleagues?

The answer is: we are being forced. What's behind it? Yes, we all know this, but, as long as we are paid for covid, we will pay dues to the union, we will pay for subscriptions to newspapers, subbotniks, lotteries, and much more because the main thing is that we are paid to work with the coronavirus. therefore we will not become poorer because of 15 rubles, and we will keep quiet; they will tell us to sign some ridiculous appeal against the sanctions - and we will sign it, and it is signed by both doctors and nurses, well, just so that there are no problems with the management, so that there are no unnecessary questions...

Here it is "collegiality," here it is "civic consciousness;" the most important thing for people is their own benefit, and they do not know that they are obliged to pay by order, and they are paid by the Belarusians themselves, who pay taxes, and not the hospital management. I am ashamed of such "colleagues."