17 October 2021, Sunday, 1:07
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Fuel Penny Strategists Boost Inflation

Fuel Penny Strategists Boost Inflation

Time to repeat the Stop Petrol flash mob?

The "government" is looking for reserves to curb inflation in the wrong place, regulating prices for everything that is possible, except for fuel.

Meanwhile, fuel has grown since the beginning of the year by 17 kopecks, which paradoxically corresponds to the inflation rate, according to the National Bank - 9.4 percent. For ourselves, we note that this is only two times higher than the forecast for the year. And I must say that this hammer hits both private and state-owned companies equally.

Well, judging by how Belneftekhim is not afraid of sanctions that “do not work,” one should expect an acceleration in the growth of fuel prices on the Belarusian market. To close the holes, the first thing you can do is rob your own people.

At the same time, we note the level of understanding of the modern world among the top managers of Belneftekhim. In their view, if you write about smuggling (and after the imposition of sanctions, the export trade of Belneftekhim in its essence turned into smuggling) not through a general communication channel but a special one, no one will know about it.

In general, the Stop Petrol flash mob was a good one. And the results were achieved. Rarely did the junta make concessions. And then they had to. A great example of internal pressure on the system to help it fall apart.

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