25 September 2021, Saturday, 6:56
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Ten Most Impressive Photos, Videos Of Yesterday's Flood

Ten Most Impressive Photos, Videos Of Yesterday's Flood

Many Belarusians have never seen such a thing.

Yesterday in Minsk there was a flood, which many of us have never seen in our life. Rescuers took people out on a boat, the rain destroyed the only road to one of the villages, the capital's market was cinematically blown away and drowned at the same time. To prevent these shots from drowning in the news feed, onliner.by journalists have collected the most revealing of them in one article.

The sellers of a small market near the Maximus shopping center survived a local apocalypse. The wind broke the tents, scattered fruit, and probably scared people quite a bit.

But the Mienka River near Minsk, which overflowed its banks, looked much more severe. It destroyed the road and cut people off from the rest of the world.

And this is footage from Lyutsynskaya Street, in which rescuers on a rubber boat helped the victims to get out from the road flooded with water. The cars were covered with water to the very roofs.

Kamennaya Horka and Sukharava suffered the most. On some streets, water reached the roofs of cars, and public transport had to stop and wait. There was water up to the waist level.

Getting around the city was not easy. This is how Minsk residents returned home after the rainstorm.

The market in Zhdanovichy does not look very representative now. You don't have to wait for Sunday sales.

The water in Uruchcha was dispersed by a tractor. But even it apparently had a hard time.

Traffic jams formed in the city, the public transport stopped. A long chain of trams lined up on Lahoiski Tract. The young people trapped in them were having fun as best they could.

The roofs in some shopping centers and cafes leaked. For example, all visitors were taken out of the 5th Element store in Sukharava: water gushed from the ceiling.

Also, Minskers finally have their own waterfall. The video was filmed on Matusevich Street.