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The Helicopter Unmentioned: New Details of Ryanair Hijacking

The Helicopter Unmentioned: New Details of Ryanair Hijacking

There were at least six planes that had to change course in the sky over Belarus.

Let's start with the analysis of the events in the Belarusian sky on May 23 between 9.30 and 10.30 a.m. Here is the record from FlightRadar. It is noteworthy that BRU891 and BRU861 changed their course when Ryanair approached (mark 0.38), writes Nick and Mike Telegram-channel.

It turns out that there were at least six planes that had to change course.

Minsk-Munich, BRU899

In the vicinity of Baranavichy, the plane suddenly changed its trajectory (mark 0.23 on the video). Meanwhile, Ryanair follows its standard course. However, attempts to land it are already made.

For comparison, here is the same route on May 21. We see that there is no sudden change in trajectory.

Remember this flight, more information below.

Minsk - Prague, BRU861

The story is almost the same. Near Baranavichy, the plane suddenly changes course (mark 0.37). Meanwhile, Ryanair already diverted and flew to the Minsk airport.

Again, the flight path was absolutely direct on May 21.

Minsk - Berlin, BRU891

Almost simultaneously with the Minsk - Prague flight near Baranavichy, the plane had to change its initial plans.

Again, everything was quiet and normal when Pratasevich was not in the sky over Belarus.

Minsk - Frankfurt, BRU893

Athens flight was already approaching the airport, so BRU893 had to make a loop to fly around it.

The previous flight looked like this.

Minsk - Hanover (BRU967) had about the same situation. However, all those planes belonged to Belavia. However, a LOT plane also had to change the trajectory.

Warsaw - Minsk, LOT705

The plane with an alleged bomb on board was approaching the airport in Minsk. The Polish plane was supposed to land at the same time. However, it had to make a loop instead.

Of course, it was force majeure. The previous flight looked this way.

From the point of view of the Belarusian air navigation services, everything was done correctly. Dispatchers diverted planes from the one with a "problem" on board and worked on the emergency landing in real-time. However, all this matters if we are talking about a real emergency.

In this case, it was a deliberately false report of a bomb threat. As a result, at least six planes had to change their regular route. That is, not only the security of the 126 passengers on the flight Athens-Vilnius was jeopardized.

Pilots should be ready for emergencies. However, this forced landing could open Pandora's Box and bring chaos to aviation orders around the world. This is one of the red lines that Potato Moose crossed, showing that he's not just a problem for Belarusians, but the world.

A helicopter?

However, that's not all. While demonstrating the flight map that day, Belarusian Air Force Commander Holub, focused on the fact that there was no interception. Moreover, if one believes his words, the MiG did not get anywhere at all.

One thing looks confusing. Look, we took a freeze-frame of the FlighRadar at the 10:00:40 mark. There were eight planes in the frame. Ryanair (the red one) as well as seven others.

We did the same freeze-frame on the map that Holub demonstrated - the 10:00:45 time cutoff. We marked the same eight planes with circles. However, what do we see in the orange frame?

This fragment is bigger.

We looked closely, and it was a helicopter.

For some reason, it is listed under the number of a civil plane - BRU899. It is the very flight Minsk-Munich we talked about at the beginning. However, the plane took off at 9:19 and had a completely different trajectory, not towards Lida, but Baranavichy.

At 10:00:40, BRU899 was already over the territory of Poland.

It is strange. Initially, the image did not look like an airplane. We looked again. At some point, miracles happened to the helicopter. It turned into an airplane.

It is unlikely this helicopter could have been used to intercept the plane. It simply would not have been able to keep up with Boeing. A helicopter can only shoot down a balloon, as it happened in the 90s, or to a Lithuanian balloon last year.

It could be a search-and-rescue helicopter of the Armed Forces or the Emergencies Ministry. It could have been involved in case of a tragedy. However, there are two questionable things: could ONT show us another fake?

Why is the helicopter marked with the number of a civilian aircraft, which did not fly in the area?

The helicopter made circles at the turning point. It flew out in advance. Why was it not mentioned?

Passengers who got off in Minsk

We continue to follow the fate of these people. Last time we told about the wife of Greek Zisis, who suddenly decided it would be more convenient for him to get off in Minsk. The first time, Olga Shchetnikova appeared on TV as her husband's interpreter. The second time, she was already telling us what was on board after it became known that the plane was heading to Minsk.

After our post, Shchetnikova urgently deleted her profile from Habr for some reason. We think it makes sense to post it here. However, why Comrade Major decided to delete it is a rhetorical question.

So far, we are not hinting at anything, just asking questions.

One more thing. Usually, everyone is used think that the KGB are tough guys. However, this is far from reality. They try to recruit girls as well. The methods are standard: either some kind of favour (a solution to a problem) or money (more than a person has in normal life). Girls are used as a distraction, to disguise angular office workers. There is always less attention to the "in-love" couple than to the two bulls. Zaitsev, the head of the KGB, also talked about this on the leaked tape.

That is why the office actively cooperates with prostitutes. The most striking moment is probably Lambada and the detention of Tsikhanouski. The methods are still in use. In general, I think we will make a separate post about the work of the agents, which is the basis of the office.

In general, we are still waiting for the passenger lists. It can be very interesting. The game regarding the involvement or non-involvement of the Russian special services in this story may start.

Putin is making every effort to show that he is not involved. The blue-fingered pirate feels uncomfortable.

Moose is cornered. Or rather, stuck between two trees. That's why it's twitching and thrashing around in agony. There are no good solutions here. Golovchenko, who announced the counter-sanctions and was going to change Newton's third law, demonstrated it. In fact, he again aimed a grenade launcher at his balls. In short, Belarus has politics only for three days.

Moose is sad. Very, very sad.