17 June 2021, Thursday, 20:00
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"Yunast" Excluded From Champions League Hockey Drawing

"Yunast" Excluded From Champions League Hockey Drawing

The club's opponents simply can't come to Minsk.

"Yunast" was excluded from the Champions League draw of season 2021/2022. This decision was taken by the CHL board at an extraordinary meeting. The CHL Board decided that the participation of Belarus in the CHL 2021/22 season to date is associated with too many unpredictable factors for all concerned, and, therefore, the wild card for "Yunast" was canceled, writes Trybuna.

- In connection with the recent incidents in Belarus and the ensuing reactions with unpredictable consequences, travel to and from Minsk has become difficult. Suspensions of various flights have been announced and these decisions are already in effect, some flights have been suspended until at least the end of October, and it is impossible to foresee what may happen in the future.

One of the prerequisites of our pan-European competition is the safe travel and stay of teams, fans, officials, sponsors, partners and service providers. Unfortunately, such conditions are not currently guaranteed with respect to travel to and from Belarus. At this time, CHL participants are not able to plan travel itineraries in advance, and in order for the CHL draw to take place and for us to fulfill our obligations to the interested parties, we need a clear understanding of the situation.

The CHL Board has not yet made a decision regarding the available competition space. Various options will be reviewed and analyzed in the coming weeks. The CHL will report its decision immediately," the official CHL website said.