17 June 2021, Thursday, 20:39
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Schrodinger's Brother

Schrodinger's Brother

The Belarusian regime has nowhere to maneuver.

Hi, Daughter.

It's been a while since you and I joked about the nuclear power plant. I'm just tired, frankly speaking, of following its busy life. Turned it off, turned it on, turned it off again, and forgot to turn it on. But then, yesterday, the Ministry of Energy suddenly found out that there was no reason to turn it on. It turns out that the electricity from this plant has nowhere to go anyway, in terms of its practical domestic application. If we want to use it for practical purposes in everyday life, we need to spend another $1.5 billion a year on modernization of electric grids. But we have no money. And no suitable power grids, either.

So, yes, we definitely can't do without a second nuclear power plant now. Pharaohs used to like building some kind of pyramid. And some people built themselves a nuclear power plant. In sense of usefulness it turns out approximately the same, but the look is much more modern.

Yesterday the Belarusian minister of foreign affairs carried out an act, already rare in his position, of diplomatic interaction with foreign ambassadors. And after this act, the ambassadors issued a joint statement. I will not tell you the content. A statement as a statement, concerns as concerns. There is nothing to talk about.

But I would like to draw your attention to the fact that the meeting was not initiated by the ambassadors, but by the minister. And that the minister postponed it several times. And so it seems to me that this meeting is directly related to the proposals to write letters of repentance that have started to come to the political ones.

Well, how else? They have already threatened with friendship with Russia and deepening of the Union integration, but it did not help. And no one else, except for you and me, seems to have even heard the threat of retaliatory sanctions from Prime Minister Halouchanka. The influx of illegal migrants on the Lithuanian border as a diplomatic argument does not look serious at all. And even the bombing of Voronezh did not work this time. So, it turns out that the Belarusian authorities have nothing to do but try to sell some political hostages.

It's surprising that this time they were dragging it out for so long. Although they didn't drag it out, in fact. At least since March they have been sending all kinds of non-verbal signals to the interested sides. Just, the parties were not interested in these signals. So Minister Makei had to recall the forgotten skills of diplomatic communication.

So, it turns out that yesterday's statement of the ambassadors is not a preoccupied concern, but a specific negotiating position. And there is, of course, a difficult to overcome difference between this position and the tempting offer to discuss the lists by name. The Belarusian authorities are not in the right position now when it comes to discussing any lists with them. It was ten years ago that they enjoyed an almost respectable dictatorship and space for geopolitical maneuvers. But these days, when even the eastern brother has turned out to be Schrodinger's brother, there's nowhere else to maneuver. So it seems that the authorities will have to adjust their negotiating position.