19 September 2021, Sunday, 5:12
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Siarhei Dyleuski: Any Enforcer Fears Worker With Wrench In Hand

Siarhei Dyleuski: Any Enforcer Fears Worker With Wrench In Hand

The authorities will get into a panic when, at one point, people simply do not come to work.

It's become known that one of the "flagships" of the Belarusian economy, the MTZ plant, has failed to meet the set targets. It is reported that the daily rate of one of the workshops was 129 units, while the actual result was 69.

Charter97.org talked about the situation at the enterprises of the country with one of the leaders of the strike movement of Belarus, Siarhei Dyleuski.

-In your opinion, why is the MTZ not coping with its task? Can we say that the workers have started an Italian strike?

- We can say that the management of the plant has gone on Italian strike. This is the information on the two shops, the shift rate was 129 machines, but one shop made the plan of 77, and the second of 69, that is, the two shops failed. If you look at the documentation, there were four shops that failed, not two.

The main reason is that there are neither raw materials, nor suitable equipment to cope with the plan. Moreover, the management made a huge mistake in the fall of 2020, when they started laying off qualified personnel en masse. Now there is simply a huge shortage of workers.

- Last week the main workshop of Hrodna-Azot, "Urea-3," stopped as well. Why do you think there are more and more production shutdowns and emergencies?

- Earlier it was not so noticeable that shops were stopped. There were a few cases, only because the workers themselves were carrying the equipment on their own shoulders, that is, they tried to fix it by their own means somehow, to the detriment of their health and lives.

Now the qualified personnel who could cope with equipment failures have been fired, and those who are available are not able to service it in a decent way. And there is also a shortage of components and so on at the enterprises.

- Workers of large enterprises in Belarus report unbearable heat in the workshops and the bosses' devil-may-care attitude to the health of their employees. How would you assess the working conditions at Belarusian enterprises today?

- Today it's difficult for me to assess the situation even at MTZ, because I haven't worked there for a long time. But by and large, the situation this year is no different from the situation in 2020, 2019, 2018 and so on. This has always been the case, it's just that today it is given a huge amount of publicity.

The extreme temperature in the workshops was all the time: unbearably cold in winter and unbearably hot in summer. Plus there was the "tired" state of the workshops themselves, so if it rained, we were swimming, if it was sunny, we were grilling, and when it was frosty, we were freezing. It's always been that way.

- Recently, you have expressed the opinion that if the Belarusian workers go on vacation for 2-3 weeks, the regime will fall. Tell us in more detail: how can people organize this? How to prepare for such a vacation?

- Welll, everything is very simple in fact. Stock up a little food so that each worker's family can get through the month, organize their leisure time, decide for themselves where they will go, stay at home, or go to the dacha. At one point, when the people are ready, simply not to go to work.

The main goal will be achieved - the equipment on which people work will be idle, there will be no one to replace these people. The management will be left with no choice: either to fulfill the demands of the workers, or to go to work themselves along with the riot police and other security forces.

- Let us imagine the situation, where Belarus has gone on summer vacation. How will the events develop by the day? How strong will be the panic of the authorities?

- The panic of the authorities would be awful. Just remember the events of August when several flagship plants literally jangled nerves of the entire media for a week because they stopped production at one time. Such a panic was felt by the authorities even then.

If the entire Belarus stops production en masse, it will mean, first, big financial losses, and, second, people will prove to the junta that they can break the mould of the regime and do something "against".

- How much does the regime fear the working class? How can the workers realize their power?

- The workers can simply remember the moments of our and foreign history. It has always been, is and will always be the case that workers are the most physically strong and Spartan people.

Absolutely any strongman is not afraid of women with flowers, but is afraid of a worker with a wrench in his hand.