5 August 2021, Thursday, 20:02
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Belarus Purchases Sputnik Vaccine At Higher Price Than Pfizer?

Belarus Purchases Sputnik Vaccine At Higher Price Than Pfizer?

An interesting figure was announced by the so-called “deputy”.

Mikhail Rusy, speaking the other day with the employees of Construction Trust #12 (Managing Company of the Stroytrest-Holding), the “parliamentarian” decided to tell what benefits Belarusians are getting thanks to contributions to the country's budget: hospitals, schools, kindergartens, roads ... According to him, free vaccination is also carried out at the expense of budget funds, while the cost of two doses of the Gam-COVID-Vac (Sputnik V) vaccine costs the state $ 40, Solidarity reports.

Surprisingly, everything suggests that Sputnik turned out to be more expensive than, for example, Pfizer.

Previously, the media reported on the prices of vaccines. Announced prices of $ 19.5 for a dose of Pfizer vaccine and $ 25-37 for a dose of Moderna vaccine mean prices are $ 39 and $ 50-74 per person (one person needs two doses).

That is, it turns out that the cost of Sputnik and Pfizer is almost the same, while the Russian vaccine, in addition, is recognized by few states in Europe.