22 September 2021, Wednesday, 23:12
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Krauchanka to the “Red-Green” Athletes: Open Your Eyes

Krauchanka to the “Red-Green” Athletes: Open Your Eyes
Andrei Krauchanka

The track and field athlete conducted an educational program for them.

Track and field athlete Andrei Krauchanka spoke about the athletes who are affirmed by symbols, Tribuna reports.

“A champion athlete is an unbending person with iron character and unquenchable willpower. I deeply respect the achievements of athletes who have won Olympic medals, especially the gold, but there is also a human factor that shows the other side of this medal.

And now I don't understand how a champion athlete who was applauded by whole stadiums, who was the best in the whole world, turns out to be so weak in a seemingly simple situation where everything is visible with the naked eye.

We see how the country is being sold, forests are being cut down, people are becoming impoverished, pensioners who have given their whole lives to the country receive 300-400 rubles of pensions, and you are telling us about some course towards prosperity. Is having this course for 27 years not enough?

Open your eyes, because your statements, when paddy wagons with red and green flags drive around the city, and every post and trash can at a gas station are in red and green, are a spit in the face of the whole people; otherwise, it can be regarded as selfishness and serving for the sake of one's own welfare, not a path to common prosperity, as you say.

The strong person will not be affirmed by symbols since it looks more like occupation than an “island of stability”!” Krauchanka said.