28 October 2021, Thursday, 23:02
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Why Do We Need Such Station?

Why Do We Need Such Station?

The BelNPP will not operate until mid-August.

On July 2, the Ministry of Energy reported that the first unit of the BelNPP was disconnected from the grid by automatic protection of the generator, "the reasons are being established, after they are settled, the unit will be switched on again". On July 23, the Ministry of Energy stated that "revision and diagnostics of turbine generator equipment" were carried out at the first power unit. It is planned to have the unit back in operation by mid-August. So, what are we to make of these dry formulas?

Nasha Niva has asked an energy expert for a comment.

"We can conclude from the official reports that all is well with the reactor - the electrical part "fell with a plop". Roughly speaking, the scheme is as follows: the nuclear reactor produces hot water steam, the steam under pressure rotates the turbine, the turbine rotates the generator, which generates electricity directly into the grid. And the breakdown, as the reports suggest, lies in the last unit, which has nothing to do with the reactor. The only thing is that right now, the nuclear power plant doesn't give a single drop of power to the system, you can ignore that, if there is enough power from other plants in the country. But the question arises: why do we need such a plant? As I remember, there were promises to shut down a lot of power plants after the launch of the plant, for example, the Lukoml GRES, but with such frequent shutdowns and incoherent operation of the plant, it is not yet possible.

Besides, the very commissioning of the power unit back to the system, after correcting deficiencies, is not a matter of a couple of minutes, but a very complex operation, where you have to take into account many factors, so as not to screw up the entire power system," said the power engineer.

We remind that the repayment of the Russian loan for the construction of the nuclear power plant was supposed to start on April 1, 2021, but it was postponed to 2023.