25 September 2021, Saturday, 2:26
Sim Sim, Charter 97!

Time To Put Authorities On Strike Diet

Time To Put Authorities On Strike Diet

Their wallets are already getting a lot thinner now.

Reflecting on what is happening in the country today, only one conclusion suggests itself: they are very scared. Let's argue logically and take it as a 100% fact that we make the overwhelming majority, a subscriber of the “Basta!” Telegram channel shares their opinion.

We all know that our conscience before the country is clear. Unlike the horrified hangers-on who know that they will definitely end soon.

Now they can be compared to cockroaches and rats. Their power in the room ends when the landlord turns on the light. After that, all the living creatures scatter.

So in our country, as soon as all of us, workers, businessmen, office workers, light up the light of solidarity, they will run at such a speed that they will take a clean pair of heels.

There is no doubt that we already won a year ago. This is an obvious fact for both sides. Here is a historical fact: a dictatorship in Europe today is simply impossible. Not a single usurper lasted long in power. We keep this in our head and do not stop a single step. They now exist only for our taxes. It's time to put them on a tough strike diet. Their wallets are already getting a lot thinner now.

The bottom line is that when we all together stop working for this regime, they can only blame themselves. After all, if on August 9, 2020, they had stayed at home and had not used force against peaceful demonstrators, if then the army had taken the side of the people, and the police had performed their direct duties, everyone would have already lived in a completely different country.

Now more than three thousand political prisoners have been thrown into prisons, only 592 are officially recognized. These are our brothers, these are someone's fathers and mothers.

These are someone's children. We cannot allow them to be imprisoned. Our main goal is to free the prisoners of the regime. Then new, free elections without the participation of the Cockroach. We don't ask for much, but we have to make it happen.

Every day we must remember that the future of our country depends on us right now. Wait two weeks, just stay home. Then the crippled regime will collapse with a brattle.