25 September 2021, Saturday, 7:16
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Second Workshop Stopped At "Hrodna-Azot"

Second Workshop Stopped At "Hrodna-Azot"

Sanctions are not working?

On Wednesday, at about 11:25 a.m., an unscheduled shutdown of the nitric acid and carbamide-ammonia plant took place at Hrodna-Azot. In the evening, "Urea-3" stopped as well.

This is what a reader from Hrodna reported to Charter97.org.

Hrodna Azot is one of the largest enterprises in Belarus. Two shops - Ammonia-4 and Urea-4 - went on overhaul in June.

Experts believe that the shutdown of workshops is associated with the effects of Western sanctions.

We remind that sanctions are imposed on nine Belarusian enterprises, including Belnautakhim, Belshyna, Hrodna Azot , Hrodna Khimvalakno, Lakakraska, Naftan, Polatsk-Stseklavalakno, Belarusian Oil Trading House and Belnautakhim USA.