23 September 2021, Thursday, 0:31
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Valer Karbalevich: Lukashenka Failed To Pacify Vertical

Valer Karbalevich: Lukashenka Failed To Pacify Vertical

Several factors add to the anxious mood of the bureaucracy.

Lukashenka has been holding various meetings with officials lately. Although Lukashenka has ceased to feel the society, his nose for the mood of the nomenklatura has remained. And, as one might assume, the mood for him there is not very positive. For example, yesterday Lukashenka said: he was informed that even the wives of the footballers are fans of the white-red-white flag, political scientist Valer Karbalevich writes in an article for Radio Svaboda.

The uneasy mood of the bureaucracy is understandable. This is influenced by many factors. The dull discontent of the population, which, as the last year showed, could result in public protests. It is impossible to hide the fact that the country is almost completely isolated. Sectoral sanctions, blockade of airspace by the EU. Arbitrariness of the law-enforcement agencies, which over time can go over the officials. Tension in relations with neighbors, especially on the border with Lithuania, which could result in a violent conflict. Moreover, Lukashenka constantly frightens with the war. Even football clubs are forced to play European home matches in other countries. And Lukashenka does not offer any opportunities for a way out. It is uncomfortable for everyone to live in the “besieged fortress”.

Lukashenka feels it and tries to talk to everyone, to calm everyone down. Hence these endless meetings. On July 30, he met with the activists of the local vertical on topical issues of the socio-political situation.

In a sense, Lukashenka is trying to justify himself. But instead of appeasing the leaders of the vertical, he, on the contrary, is escalating tensions. The emphasis is on “aspects such as discipline, mobilization and concentration”. Against this background, the thesis that “we are an example of interethnic, interfaith and social unity” looks rather weird. If so, why create a “besieged fortress”?

Summing up, we can state that it was not possible to pacify the vertical. On the contrary, the officials were oriented towards a new mobilization.