2 December 2021, Thursday, 10:35
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Opinion: Lukashenka Will Be Removed by His Own People Who Have Nowhere to Run

Opinion: Lukashenka Will Be Removed by His Own People Who Have Nowhere to Run

The political blockade of the usurper narrows and contracts like a noose around his neck.

Russian political scientist Andrei Suzdaltsev believes that the Lukashenka regime is beginning to live by the mores of a “bunker”:

- It is impossible to live for years under the sword of Damocles of inevitable retribution hanging over your head. The Belarusian nomenklatura knows its people very well and is not deceived by "stability" and "tranquility" (like in a cemetery), which are supported by a continuous punitive operation. The employees, including the security officials, really fearing that everything will end tragically for them, are looking for an opportunity to take their families and children out of the country and buy real estate in Russia and Ukraine, depending on their financial capabilities.

Lukashenka, who has a phenomenal instinct for danger, at the subconscious level understands that the occupation regime is ruinous, it does not increase his rating but decreases it, but the time for compromises has been deliberately and finally missed, and the only opportunity to defuse the Belarusian political crisis is his resignation and flight. But here is a dead end. Lukashenka cannot resign.

But then, sooner or later, he will be removed by his own people who have nowhere to run and cannot afford property abroad. And they will be found in any country in the world. The leadership of Belarus, feeling the inevitable outcome, is steadily and even imperceptibly beginning to live by the mores of a “bunker.”

What happened on Friday, July 29, 2021 (Lukashenka's statement that “if necessary, he will call the Russian army” - ed.) is a direct remake of the last shots of the Soviet TV series “Liberation,” where Hitler shouts from the bunker "Where is Wenk! Wenk!" Right now, the Russian army is perceived by Lukashenka as Wenck's army, obliged to come to the aid of the Fuhrer hiding under the ground in the center of Berlin. But we remember that it did not come...

Of course, Lukashenka has not yet been blockaded in the bunker, he is free in his Palace and on the territory of Belarus and Russia, but then - that's it. There is a political and even air blockade. By the way, China is also closed. No matter how hard U. Makey tries to use all his diplomatic opportunities and even personal ties, Lukashenka's political blockade narrows and tightens like a noose around his neck.

Apparently, there are understanding people around Lukashenka who take into account that any, seemingly even insignificant mistake can lead to a "misfire" and start a "chain reaction" of the collapse of the regime. The bus with the punishers did not arrive on time, the AMAP officer's nerves failed, Eismant blurted out something, or anything else, including, God forbid, some man-made disaster. And that's it...