19 September 2021, Sunday, 19:45
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Minskvodokanal Fires Employees En Masse

Minskvodokanal Fires Employees En Masse

The authorities are looking for trouble, a strike.

The subscribers of the Telegram channel “Belarus of the Brain” report that some “lists” come to Minskvodokanal, according to which people are fired. Mostly first-class specialists, who eliminate various accidents, fall under the layoffs. At the moment, this process has reached such proportions that there is no one to work in some departments. In the future, all this may lead to the fact that there will be no one to eliminate serious accidents, and the consequences will be much more serious than, for example, in Novaya Baravaya last year.

The most interesting thing is that people do not understand why they are being fired. Some, looking at what is happening, quit voluntarily. According to one of the workers, on July 30, there was a huge queue at the head office at 15 Pulikhau Street for work books.

In addition to all this, people are forced to get vaccinated, and again under the threat of dismissal, and whoever disagrees, immediately falls into some kind of list. In the same way, they force the people to join the state trade union. If a person refuses, then they will be completely deprived of bonuses.