2 December 2021, Thursday, 9:14
Sim Sim, Charter 97!


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The strike is our answer to the "blue-fingered" one.

The longer the Cockroach remains in power, the more confidently our country will slide into the economic abyss. It's unavoidable. The regime sacrifices everything for the illusory hope of clinging to power: economy, science, education.

Obviously, in such conditions, not a single investor will invest a single cent in the economy of Belarus. All over the world, business takes into account only the level of professionalism of employees and not their political or public views.

Think about what awaits our country with a floundering "blue-fingered" one. It is a consistent slide into the economic abyss. The more Lukashenka clings to power, the more difficult it will be for the country to recover.

A strike is like surgery. The sooner we carry out the surgery, the faster we get rid of the tumor in the form of Lukashenka and his gang. The strike is a scalpel that will cut out the terror and genocide of the Belarusian people! The strike is our answer!

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