25 September 2021, Saturday, 3:38
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Purely Soviet Assassination

Purely Soviet Assassination
Vitaly Shishov

Who is to blame for the death of Vitaly Shishov?

Who killed Vitaly Shishov, the KGB or the FSB, Lukashenka or Putin? Why are the special services of Russia and Belarus breathing so freely in Ukraine? Does the planet have methods against Lukashenka and Putin?

Vitaly Shishov, one of the leaders of the Belarusian House in Ukraine, a young, cheerful man left his house for a morning run and disappeared. He was found hanged in a forest park on the outskirts of Kyiv.

There are four types of reactions to this event.

Type one: official idiocy.

This is when officials with or without shoulder straps say that the version of suicide should not be discarded together with the version of political murder. Perhaps they should say that. Indeed, what if. Anything could happen. One of the active figures of the Belarusian protest, one of those whom Lukashenka calls traitors, a 26-year-old guy went for a run in the morning, and, after getting enough of the morning sun, fresh air, and muscular joy, suddenly thought to hang himself. And immediately carried out his plan.

"We call on the Ukrainian authorities to conduct a thorough, impartial, and effective investigation into what happened and to find out whether it was a suicide, an ordinary criminal homicide, or a connection to his activities." That's Marta Hurtado, a UN spokeswoman. And she also added that she "hopes that there is no connection between Shishov's death and his activities, but we can't know that at this stage."

Kyiv police are considering two versions of the death of the head of the Belarusian House in Ukraine Vitaly Shishov, suicide and premeditated murder with imitation of suicide, said the head of the National Police of Ukraine Igor Klimenko at a briefing.

And what may be true, Zinka took it, and Sharikov has absolutely nothing to do with it...

Type two: political abomination.

There have already been comments from Russian politicians in the spirit of a recent interview with Naryshkin that this is a sacred sacrifice. The YouTube channel Soloviev LIVE called the story about the murder of Vitaly Shishov: “The sacred victim of the Belarusian opposition.” The speakers of this version were the Ukrainian blogger Anatoly Shariy and the KP employee Alexander Kots. If Shariy basically insisted that Ukraine is an extremely dangerous place and that in no case should you go there, then Alexander Kots “substantiated” the version of the sacred sacrifice in detail and with visible pleasure. “The murdered one is not a second or third rank figure, some kind of peripheral, unknown to anyone, who is not a pity to sacrifice, making a sacred sacrifice out of him,” a KP employee shared his ideas with viewers of the Solovyov channel. “This is a tactic, when a person is sacrificed who is not needed by anyone, who is easy to replace,” Kots said authoritatively and immediately put forward a version: “It could well have been the SBU or Ukrainian nationalists.” At these words of Kots, I again remembered Sharikov and Zinka...

Type three: the reaction of normal people.

Such normal people are many MEPs who consider the death of Shishov a murder and blame the Lukashenka regime for it.

In particular, the German MP from the Green Party, Viola von Cramon, called the incident another nightmare. "Nobody can feel safe, Lukashenka is killing his own citizens."

Lithuanian MEP Petras Austrevičius wrote that this is an act of terrorism. “The assassination of a citizen of Belarus Vitaly Shishov, head of the Belarusian House in Ukraine, is another act of international terrorism by the Lukashenka regime.” Petras Austrevičius, deputy of Lithuania.

Type four: Reaction of a professional investigator.

The head of the Bellingcat investigation department, Christo Grozev, said on the air of Echo of Moscow that the leader of the Belarusian House in Ukraine, Vitaly Shishov, could have been killed by FSB officers embedded in opposition Belarusian groups in Ukraine.

Vitaly Shishov is not the first Belarusian oppositionist who was found hanged. Exactly the same way, in a noose on a tree in the park, but in Minsk on August 22, 2020, they found 28-year-old Mikita Krautsou, who had previously gone to protest actions. The Belarusian authorities then immediately announced that "his death is not criminal in nature." Three days earlier, on August 18, 2020, Kanstantsin Shyshmakou, director of the Bagration military history museum in the city of Vaukavysk, Hrodna region, was found hanged. He was a member of the election commission in the presidential elections in Belarus on August 9 of the same year and refused to sign the false final protocol with Lukashenka's “victory.” Even earlier, in 2020, the founder of the opposition publication Charter'97, Aleh Biabenin, was found hanged at his dacha.

Each dictator has his own corporate style of dealing with enemies. Putin, as a person of a somewhat more complex mental organization compared to Lukashenka, loves variety - his henchmen often use a Makarov pistol, as well as explosives. Recently, however, he has become addicted to poisons. Lukashenko is simpler, closer to the ground, he prefers to hang.

What happened cannot be regarded as a surprise.

Shishov's comrade, who identified himself as Yuri on the Ukraine 24 TV channel, said that the Ukrainian Security Service officers had warned the Belarusian oppositionists in Kyiv “that the KGB agents exist in Ukraine, they are increasing, including due to the flow of refugees.” “All refugees cannot be controlled. And Vitaly was engaged in the verification of these people.” According to his colleague, Vitaly Shishov "was our counterintelligence service and knew that they were hunting us."

Why do Lukashenko's special services feel so free in Ukraine? The number of refugees from Belarus, whose flow makes it easier for the KGB agents to hide, has an effect. But not only that. Judging by the polls in the Ukrainian society, there is no consensus regarding the events in Belarus. In early autumn last year, the Kyiv International Institute of Sociology conducted a special survey to find out the attitude of Ukrainians to the Belarusian events. Then 45.3% stated that they support the opposition and 31.3% - that they are on the side of Aliaksandr Lukashenka. This result surprised many political scientists in Ukraine. Apparently, now the public mood has not undergone significant changes.

The murder of Vitaly Shishov has become a serious challenge for the Ukrainian authorities, primarily for the law enforcement agencies of Ukraine. Members of the Ukrainian parliamentary inter-factional association For Democratic Belarus issued a statement, which emphasized that "on July 27, the representative of the initiative of the former Belarusian security officials of BYPOL, Igor Makar, reported that the State Security Committee of Belarus had launched a large-scale operation to detain the most influential supporters of the opposition abroad, in including experts and leaders of the protest movement. According to him, the operation called "Trust" is taking place in several countries where oppositionists live."

So who hanged Vitaly Shishov after all? With all due respect to Christo Grozev, his version of the FSB does not seem convincing to me. Why does Putin need the leader of the Belarusian House in Ukraine? Motive, style, handwriting - everything points to the KGB and Lukashenka. However, cooperation between two fraternal special services is also possible: the FSB and the KGB. After all, it's the Union State, the bosses in both parts of which are nostalgic for the Soviet Union. A purely Soviet assassination...

The main question remains: does anyone on planet Earth have methods against this union of two ghouls? The world community is busy with other things and is still somewhat absent-mindedly watching how the fascist gloom is thickening on the territory of northern Eurasia. And the closest neighbors are inventing their own ways of fencing off anomalous zones at their borders. Lithuania, for example, is starting the construction of a 500-kilometer wall on the border with Belarus and the expulsion of illegal migrants, which Lukashenka purposefully throws at his neighbors, using living people as a weapon of destabilization. Well, at least some means...

Igor Yakovenko, Kasparov