25 September 2021, Saturday, 2:59
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Andrei Sannikau: The Lukashenka Regime Is Preparing New Provocations on the Borders with the Neighbors

Andrei Sannikau: The Lukashenka Regime Is Preparing New Provocations on the Borders with the Neighbors

The time has come to take appropriate decisions.

The leader of the European Belarus civil campaign Andrei Sannikov made a statement in connection with the "migrant" war unleashed against Lithuania by the Lukashenka regime.

- The transfer of illegal migrants to the territory of Lithuania from the territory of Belarus is an organized military operation of Lukashenka's regime against Lithuania and the entire European Union.

There is no doubt that this action was planned and organized with the help of the regime's intelligence services and the involvement of extremist Islamist groups, as is proven by the recent threats of terrorist attacks in Lithuania, spread through e-mail.

There is also no doubt that the Lukashenka regime is preparing new provocations and escalation of tensions on the borders of Belarus' neighbouring countries and within them.

The problem of peaceful Belarus - the dictatorial regime - has crossed the borders of our country and became a problem of international security. It should be treated as such and appropriate decisions should be taken, not treating it as a humanitarian crisis or expecting its peaceful resolution with the help of half-measures.

For more than 25 years Europe has been trying to reason with Lukashenka, has been looking for some common sense in him and even a geopolitical partner. All these attempts have contributed to the unprecedented outburst of violence, suffocation of freedoms and repression in the centre of Europe. Only decisive measures on the level of the entire European Union and its associated countries, and also the USA and Canada, can stop all this lawlessness that is causing the loss of human lives.

The crimes against humanity committed by the Lukashenka regime will cease as soon as this illegal criminal regime is removed.

The situation with illegal migrants on the border with Lithuania should serve to revise the overly benign EU policy towards an aggressive and uncontrollable dictator.

• The EU should have long ago set up an a high level ad hoc group on the situation in Belarus, empowered to take urgent political, economic and legal action, including the imposition of any sanctions and the seizure of any accounts of criminals linked to the Lukashenka regime.

Migration warfare on the border with Lithuania is becoming even more threatening in the context of Zapad-21 military exercise planned for the coming September. These major exercise is being organized on the territory of Belarus at the initiative and under the supervision of the Kremlin. The unpredictability and unstable mental state of dictator Lukashenka make these manoeuvres extremely dangerous. Their conduct on the territory of Belarus is not only undesirable but also simply criminal.

- The NATO leadership should demand Kremlin to stop this military exercise in order to prevent an increase in tensions in the region, which is objectively in Moscow's interests as well. In any case, the Russian leadership should be warned of its responsibility for any provocation and escalation of aggression during the preparation and conduct of Zapad-21 exercise.

The European Belarus civil campaign invariably upholds the principles of the European way of development of our country, good neighbourhoodness and respectful attitude to all states. European Belarus' leaders Yauhen Afnahel, Palina Sharenda-Panasiuk, Maksim Viniarski, Pavel Yukhnievich and others are currently jailed on fabricated charges for upholding these principles. We strongly demand their immediate release.

European Belarus considers the current regime illegal and its actions criminal. No provocation and aggression of Lukashenka towards Lithuania and other states bordering Belarus will change the respectful and friendly attitude of the Belarusians towards their neighbours and other people.

Mutual respect and the rule of international law will be the ground for international relations of free and independent Belarus," says the statement published on the website of European Belarus.