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Bad Manager. When Will Hrodna Azot “Explode”?

Bad Manager. When Will Hrodna Azot “Explode”?

Belarusian Cyber Partisans continue to publish personal data of those close to dictator Lukashenka.

During the operation Heat, Cyber Partisans obtained information about the odious head of JSC Hrodna Azot Ihar Liashenka. The entire career of this figure is a series of failures and scandals, an illustration of the weakness and incompetence of the entire Lukashenka apparatus, writes the telegram channel of the Belarusian Workers' Association (BOR).

Ihar Liashenka started at the Homel Chemical Plant, where he worked as a director and was distinguished by his boorish attitude towards workers. According to colleagues, one of Liashenka's subordinates even made an attempt to commit suicide. Liashenka called the workers "cattle" and offered them, "like the Chinese," to work in silence and enjoy a $ 50 salary and a mug of rice.

Since 2013, Liashenka has worked for the Belneftekhim concern: first as first deputy chairman, and then as chairman. In the course of his work, the company was shaken by corruption scandals, which led to the arrest of several managers. By the way, it was during the management of Ihar Liashenka that fuel prices began to grow rapidly in Belarus, the situation in the oil refining industry has noticeably deteriorated.

Despite this, on August 18, 2018, Liashenka becomes Deputy Prime Minister in the government of Siarhei Rumas. He was supposed to oversee the development of industry, including the defense industries, petrochemical, and energy complexes. However, here too, failure followed failure, and, in March 2020, Liashenka was removed from his post "in connection with a transfer to another job." The new place of work is the Gomeltransneft Druzhba enterprise, which should be regarded as an obvious decline.

During the year, nothing was heard about Liashenka. And suddenly, on January 26, 2021, by the personal order of Lukashenka, an incompetent manager was appointed general director of Hrodna Azot OJSC.

In this position, Liashenka again distinguished himself with a boorish attitude towards workers, massive layoffs of specialists, and endless accidents at the enterprise. Since he became director, the following emergencies have occurred at Hrodna Azot:

In March alone, the control system of the Methanol workshop failed twice. There was no hydrogen in production. Because of the accident, the workshops Cyclogesanon, Hydroxylamine sulfate, and other consumers of hydrogen were stopped.

On April 4, during the discharge of liquid sulfur from the tank, a spill of aggressive chemicals occurred, and the smoke of sulfur products began. The production process was in jeopardy.

On April 19, due to an emergency at the substation, an unscheduled shutdown of the Ammonia-4 workshop took place.

On July 7, two branches of the new production AKiKAS and Urea-3 stopped at once.

On July 8, a new emergency occurred: in the workshop Urea-2, there was a passage of liquid ammonia from the pipeline.

On August 4, an unscheduled shutdown of the nitric acid department of the AKiKAS workshop took place.

On September 2, during a routine inspection of the reformer furnace equipment, the operating personnel discovered a crack in the transition cone of the lifting tube of the 12th row with a flow of converted gas. The Ammonia-3 and Urea-3 shops have been shut down since September 10.

And that is not all. Perhaps, when you are reading this material, another accident occurs at Hrodna Azot, managed by Lukashenka's incompetent lackey.

Factory workers are extremely dissatisfied with the difficult working conditions, the rude attitude of the management, the dismissal of qualified personnel, and the reduction in wages. Protest moods are heating up, a strike is brewing.

As a sign of solidarity with the workers of Hrodna Azot, the cyber partisans provided the Belarusian Workers' Association (BOR) with data from the personal file of their director:



Date of birth 11/5/1974

Series and passport number MP3692127

Personal number 3051174H060PB6

Mobile numbers:

A1 375296741105

MTS 375297871200

The most interesting thing is that Ihar Vasilievich Liashenka is registered in the village of Drazdy, where the Minsk residence of the dictator Lukashenka is located and where his closest circle lives. In the documents obtained by the cyber partisans, the place of residence of the director is: "Minsk, Official residence of the President of the Republic of Belarus, Drazdy, 22-1."

In addition, Liashenka owns an apartment in Minsk at 34-99 Alibegova Street. The wife also has an apartment at the address: Homel Region, Homel, st. Transitnaya 3-ya, 12, despite the registration in the same Homel on Voikova street, 81-10.

Cyber partisans provided the data of Liashenka's wife:



Date of birth: 8/19/1974

Personal number: 4190874H021PB9

Mobile phones:

A1 375296861105

A1 375296987874

The wife owns a Mitsubishi Pajero (silver metallic) car, number 0074BE3, but Ihar Liashenka himself drives the car.

The eldest daughter of Ihar Liashenka is registered in the city of Homel in another, separate apartment at the address: 87-219 Ilyich st. Her passport data also became known:




Date of birth 7/8/1997

Personal number 4080797H011PB8

In addition to Anhelina, the family has two more minor children: Yahor, born in 2008, and Kiryl, born in 2006.