17 September 2021, Friday, 22:42
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Staying At Home Is Safer

Staying At Home Is Safer

Shocking figures in the production.

The risk of injury and death in the production continues to shock. In August alone, almost twice a week there were fatal accidents at workplaces. The negligence by the sorry excuse of the management of the enterprises, as well as the disregard for safety standards, claimed the lives of many workers.

According to the source of otb.by, if we take only the period from January to August of this year, 86 people died in production, and 453 people were seriously injured. And even this statistic is probably heavily embellished. It happened so that an injured worker, under the pressure from his superiors, went home, and there he called an ambulance for himself or went to the emergency room independently, inventing stories about how and where he was injured. There are hundreds and thousands of such cases throughout the country.

The main causes of accidents at work can be called: design flaws, operation of faulty machines, mechanisms, equipment, imperfection of the technological process, and only then the negligence of the workers themselves.

The modernization of factories clearly bypasses Belarusian enterprises. In 2021, some of them somehow manage to work on the equipment and machines built in the 1960s and 1970s. Every launch of such equipment poses a serious risk to workers. However, the appointees-functionaries continue to divide profits among themselves, without even thinking about replacing outdated equipment.

Practice shows that working with the latest and safest equipment, workers are less at risk of injury. Not to mention the fact that in this case the impact on the body of such factors as noise and vibration is several times lower, and does not lead to occupational diseases, which practically every person working at the plant in Belarus has.

It doesn't have to be that way. The authorities came up with norms for themselves, into which they supposedly “fit”, and they don’t give a damn about the workers. Naturally, it’s not their business to go to the machine every day, hoping for a miracle. We have to take care of ourselves and tell them our loud “NO”. When approaching his workplace, a person should not be afraid for their life, but productively and correctly do their job.

Therefore, the absence from work, in addition to the main number of reasons, is also our safety. Staying at home and not putting your health at risk for a whole month is the right choice. Especially now, when there is a particular increase in the incidence of the coronavirus in Belarus. Our health, our choice and our future are the most important things in our life, so there will be a strike!

Artsiom Cherniukau, exclusively for the Basta! Telegram channel