17 September 2021, Friday, 21:54
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“This Position Is Bestial, It’s Not Manly”: It Became Known about the Conflict between the Heads of the Ministry of Internal Affairs And the GUBOPiK

“This Position Is Bestial, It’s Not Manly”: It Became Known about the Conflict between the Heads of the Ministry of Internal Affairs And the GUBOPiK

A new leak of the security officials' talks has been published.

An initiative of the BYPOL security forces, thanks to the data of Cyber Partisans, has released a new investigation. The authors claim that the employees of the GUBOPiK deliberately set up ordinary policemen. Ordinary operatives do all the dirty work, and all the "glory" goes to the GUBOPiK.

The leadership of the "usual" police department of the Minsk region is dissatisfied with the fact that all the rough work during searches and round-ups, as well as in the courts, is carried out by their employees, and all the glory goes to the GUBOPiK.

In one of the recordings, Ihar Kachalau, the deputy head of the criminal police of the Minsk Region Internal Affairs Directorate, allegedly tells the head of the criminal police of the Minsk region, Valery Valasiuk:

Kachalau's voice: - Vladimirovich, you know, I do not understand it at all, as a man, as an officer, when you say behind the back, like a woman, that "I did it, I did it, no one else!"

Valasiuk's voice: - ... Look, what is the role of the employee, well, our detective. It turns out that he draws up a report, which contains the form of disobedience of the citizen, to whom we go in, and then the same operative appears in court constantly. Damn, it's like this every time. Our role is such, it is very convenient for them, that the GUBOP performs the function, but [it is my] operative who writes a report that the person showed disobedience, then he also appears in court.

- I thought about it too. That is, we do all the technical work, the rough work...

- Not only rough but also inconvenient.

- ... but they somehow use its fruits, well, completely different people who... not only do they use, well, they could... We do not ask for anything in return. Not only do they use it, but they also use it in such a way that “we did it.”

- Do you understand what I don't like? That the employee appears in court... of search. All the time now in these cases.

- So, yesterday we talked with Kopishev (the head of the criminal police of the Internal Affairs Directorate of the Minsk Oblast Executive Committee): we provide all kinds of assistance but without this further sh*t. […] Unfortunately, this is similar to the latest political action. It's perceived the way one is presenting it. Therefore, we will now do all our work ourselves, we will do it ourselves.

They also said about Dziarzhynsk. The fact that I sat there for a week and a half, f**k, that Dziarzhynsk was "extinguished" - but, in the end, it turned out that it was only the GUBOP who worked there. And no one remembered about us at all. Not about us, not about the Dziarzhynsk detectives and district police officers. Not about the fact that Dziarzhynsk men conducted searches everywhere there. That is the same way, they appear in courts, the Dziarzhynsk people judge. And all this [allegedly] was done by the GUBOP. And all that was found everything there - the symbols, some kind of chat was closed - the GUBOP did it, but we didn’t do sh*t, it turns out.

This is a favorable position, but this position is so bestial. Nobody does it like that, it's not manly. Yesterday I told Fedorets (head of the 10th department of the GUBOPiK in the Minsk region) that I would not work with him anymore, and then I would not even talk to him at all.

In addition, the chiefs are discussing how the GUBOPiK complained to the minister that the police did not go to their employee (when someone knocked on the door) quickly enough after the call. “The minister said to appoint an official check and execute the person on duty. That it took a long time to get to the officer of GUBOP.