17 September 2021, Friday, 22:41
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Lukashenka’s Entourage May “Fail to Notice” That He Feels Ill

Lukashenka’s Entourage May “Fail to Notice” That He Feels Ill
Screenshot from the Movie “Stalin’s Death”

Or a snuffbox will fly to his temple.

Recently Mikalai Shkred was appointed deputy head of the Security services of the President (SPB). The news went unnoticed, but we will return to it because we consider it important from the point of view of the alignment of forces that is being formed around the Blue-fingered one, the Nick and Mike Telegram channel writes.

Shkred has been and continues to be a senior adjutant for special assignments since 2017. This is the person who has direct access to the body. Most of the documents signed by an illegitimate terrorist go through him. The film by Alliance of Investigators about the author of the song "Beloved Not Given Away" tells in more detail about the role of Shkred in illegal manipulations with housing.

In general, Shkred is the same domovoy that Karpiankou and Latyshonak were in their time.

He was appointed after the transfer of the Latyshonak to the post of general affairs assistant. Subordinates felt the changes immediately. If Latyshonak gave assignments and suggested how to do it, that Shkred is only about orders.

Shkred came out of athletes; he was engaged in wrestling. He showed good results. He also plays hockey with Dzima Lukashenka's Shield team. Latyshonak, Ruslan Salei's brother Vadzim, and soccer personalities Rumbutis and Safaryan play in the same team.

It should be noted that Shkred's influence has long spread beyond what the adjutant usually does. For example, on July 8, it was Shkred who was present at the appointment of Valery Ivanov as head of the administration of the president.

The practice when the Blue-fingered one involves people from his inner circle in decisions that are not in line with his status is a long-standing one. In this way, he is trying to ensure career growth and to tie people down even more; the number of fans of the junta doesn't increase, and the bench is getting shorter and shorter. Previously, adjutants have not participated in public events.

The same is with handing out titles. The current head of the SBP, Shakhraeu, is the only one of all the leaders of the SBP who received the title of general while in this position. All the rest were colonels. And, in order to get a general, they had to go “into the fields.” The same Pauliuchenka received the title of general already in the leadership of the OAC. And Utsiuryn, even becoming the Deputy State Secretary of the Security Council, remained a colonel, whom he was deprived of after initiation of criminal proceedings for bribery.

This suggests that either the SBP staff is overstaffed, and the heads have to already be given the titles of generals, or the rank of general is highly devalued compared to even that of five years ago.

The Blue-fingered one is bankrupt. And all that he can now is to hand out medals and positions, creating the illusion that he is reliably protected from all sides. In return, he gets that very warm bath, he is told only what he wants to hear. However, another thing is also obvious: the dictator is weakening. He weakens both physically and in terms of decision-making. Brother Vova squeezes the rusty balls in a vice. And his entourage, of course, is nervous. It's scary.

Yesterday we wrote that the carrots were over for the ideologists. Of course, there will be enough money for the nearest circle. However, this does not prevent the snuff box from flying into the temple. Or "not noticing" that he suddenly felt ill. The almighty Stalin was dying in a puddle of his own urine.