28 September 2021, Tuesday, 17:09
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‘Maladechna Workers Will Probably Be First To Stop Work Of Their Enterprises’

‘Maladechna Workers Will Probably Be First To Stop Work Of Their Enterprises’

The spring is already compressed to the maximum.

A worker from Maladechna told our Telegram channel “Belarus beyond Minsk Ring Road” about the mood of workers at the city enterprises:

- I want to tell all the readers of your channel about what is happening at the following enterprises: CJSC Molodechnomebel, LLC Belhol, LLC EKOM, OJSC Zabudova-Stroy, CJSC Strum, OJSC Konfa, OJSC ENEF, LLC “Amazon-Coloring”, LLC “Veles-Meat”, “Vodokanal”, “Kommunalnik”, and others. My relatives work at some enterprises, friends, classmates and friends of friends work at others. I work at one of the enterprises myself.

Recently, the Telegram channels have been sharing the topic of a general strike. So: the workers of Maladechna will probably be the first to stop the work of their enterprises (which still remain). This is not a reproach to Minsk, Salihorsk and other cities.

In our city, among the workers, the spring “let’s endure this a little longer” is already compressed to the maximum. The hungry do not need patience. And the people will starve soon. The enterprises began to massively cut off all the perks (bonuses, additional payments, material assistance, etc.). Guilty, not guilty, but there is no money for anyone. The splash of covid at the factories is carefully concealed by directors and doctors of clinics. The covid “hello” to the director of “Belhol” Shumila, and the head physician of the Maladechna Central Regional Hospital Kalyadzich. Almost all workers are now ready to turn off their machines, stop work and take to the streets of the city in order to somehow change the country. But this must be done by the whole of Belarus, all together.

Many of our workers have relatives working in the Maladechna District Department of Internal Affairs. And the situation there is such that a large number of employees stay there until the end of their contracts. And none of them will go against their loved ones if they take to the street.

I briefly tried to describe to you the situation at our enterprises. I want the rest of the working class in our country to hear the voice of the workers from Maladechna.

Long Live Belarus!