20 October 2021, Wednesday, 16:41
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Is There Enough Sugar In Belarus For Three Days?

Is There Enough Sugar In Belarus For Three Days?

Residents of cities have reported on the situation in the stores.

Readers of Nasha Niva from different towns and cities of Belarus state about the absence of sugar in different stores.

"Kapyl. There is sugar only in one store, the sellers say that the new delivery will not be packaged, it will be in bags of 50 kilos and more expensive".

"Smilavichy, Cherven district, no sugar available."

"A district center of Mahiliou region. There is no sugar in the stores of Kapeichka, Dabranom, Euraopt, and Vostrau Chystaty. They say it will come more expensive."

"Pleshchanitsy. Yesterday we could not find sugar in several stores, the last bag of sugar was taken in one distant one, on the outskirts."

"Smaliavichy. There is no sugar in Euraopt for three days".

"Many Euraopt shops have run out of sugar, I called the hotline - they say there are problems with the suppliers".

The readers report that according to rumors, the new batch of sugar will not cost 1.68 rubles per kilo, but 2.2 rubles per kilo.

What's going on?

As it was learned, this year an anti-record for the harvest of sugar beet is expected, experts close to the Ministry of Agriculture are signaling this.

"This year there is a very low yield of sugar beet, it has been burned in the fields. Harvesting takes place in September, it will be clear exactly how much is gathered in October, but they say from the fields that it is absolutely horrible. We should definitely expect the growth of prices for sugar, and so on, up the chain," said the expert familiar with the situation.

According to our information, due to the pessimistic expectations in the market, the suppliers deliberately drag out the deliveries: they know that "tomorrow", when the Ministry of Anti-Monopoly Regulation and Trade is forced to raise the prices of sugar (regulated by the state), the old stocks can be sold at a higher price.

And an increase in the maximum selling price is really expected, otherwise the state sugar factories will suffer losses.

"Now sugar is sold at a price of 1.72 rubles in Minsk. If we think from the position of a supplier, knowing that the next purchase will be more expensive, it is obvious that the probable profit for September will not turn out to be profit. After all, large sums of money will have to be spent on the purchase of new batches. But if you wait, then you'll sell the previous batches at a higher price than you planned, and you won't lose anything. That's why they delay deliveries, and even when they have the product, they wait to see what happens next," a representative of the retailer explained to Nasha Niva.