20 October 2021, Wednesday, 16:33
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Nadzeya Astapchuk “Smeared” the Ideologists of Cockroach

Nadzeya Astapchuk “Smeared” the Ideologists of Cockroach

The dictator’s administration's been having a really hard time with personnel.

Belarusian athlete Nadzeya Astapchuk spoke about the lack of professional personnel in the service of the regime:

- I still wonder if the administration's been having such a hard time that there is only enough intelligence only for ideas such as running around yards and cutting ribbons, organizing car races with waving flags, and making fakes about a gnawed dog. Where are your professional political strategists with calculated moves several steps ahead? Where are the ideas on how to restore the confidence of the population after everything that they have done? This concocted out of thin air "holiday of unity," to which they had to bring people from all over the country because they could not find people in Minsk to fill the hall. Or these ridiculous photos with sandwiches and smeared ketchup on a plate, and videos with sour faces for show. How poor the ideologues' imagination is...

I do not pretend to be a pro and an expert political strategist, but I will give real advice. The only way out of the current political crisis in the country is through a dialogue with the people of Belarus. Not the Kremlin or Europe, but with its citizens of the country. It is possible to live abroad with a lack of legitimacy, but when there is no legitimacy inside the country, and all power is based only on the fear of violence and persecution, this will certainly lead to sad consequences. And so as not to waste time and further destroy the country, they should have started doing this "yesterday." On this weird holiday, they should have announced the beginning of dialogue and reconciliation. But it turned out, on the contrary, that they gave even more motivation to the neighbors for new sanctions...

To start this very dialogue of reconciliation, it is necessary to release all political prisoners.