20 October 2021, Wednesday, 19:16
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Colonels vs. Lukashenka

Colonels vs. Lukashenka

It's a matter of principle.

Retired colonels who have been deprived of their rank by Lukashenka have had their pensions cut, Narodnaya Volya writes in the latest issue of the newspaper.

Valery Kostka says:

- How has my life changed? Nothing: I still work in agriculture. According to my data, from the moment this decree was issued until early September the pension has almost remained unchanged.

Just the other day, they called and said the pension would decrease. They say the pension decreases by about 150 rubles. They will completely remove the bonus that refers to the rank. Now they are going to deduct the money they have been paying for four months since the signing of the decree - about 500 rubles.

I applied to the court of Leninski district because I can not agree with the decision to deprive me of my rank. I understand no one will consider these complaints.

Retired lieutenant-colonel of KGB Sergey Anisiko is also going to court:

- My life has changed only since September 20. For four months, nothing was withheld from my pension. We even felt a little uncomfortable: our surnames are on the decree list, but the money is not withheld! Each of those whose names appeared in this decree could say: well, the "committee" bastards, spies!

On September 20, I got a call from the KGB pension department. They say I owe them, and they will withhold more than 500 rubles for four months. This woman tells me not to worry as my pension will be 1,091 rubles from October.

Valery Kostko and I consulted and decided to sue these pension departments. We will survive without this money. We have brains and hands. But it is a matter of principle!