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Belaruskali Rots from Golovaty: Cyber Partisans Uncovered Personal Data on Odious Director General

Belaruskali Rots from Golovaty: Cyber Partisans Uncovered Personal Data on Odious Director General

It is impossible to hide from the people.

Belarusian cyber-partisans discovered a lot of interesting information about the head of one of the main state-owned enterprises of Belarus in the framework of the Heat operation. Ivan Ivanovich Golovaty is not only the director of Belaruskali and a member of the Council of the Republic and the National Assembly but also the godfather of Viktor Lukashenka's daughter, the eldest son of the blue-fingered. "of the " national assembly" of the Republic of Belarus, but also the godfather of Viktor Lukashenko's daughter, the eldest son of the blue-fingered. This is another typical representative of Lukashenka's nomenclature: a talentless manager, a cowardly servant who has no respect for workers and their hard work.

According to the press service of the Belarusian Association of Workers (BAW), Golovaty was appointed head of Belaruskali in 2014. Under his leadership, the situation at Belaruskali came close to disaster. Injuries, fraudulent schemes of money laundering, including through fake construction companies, and, of course, cigarette smuggling sent abroad together with fertilizers. One of the most notorious money laundering schemes is the Shakhter football club. It buys legionaries, who do not even play for the team, for a huge sum of money.

According to miners, the equipment has significantly worn out over the years, the number of support staff has reduced, and production norms have risen. Injuries, by the way, have increased as a result of extra shifts for miners. Some of them work two or three weeks with only one day off. In addition, people have to work on worn-out equipment that cannot even be repaired. Golovaty decided to prove he could make the enterprise super-profitable without spending any money.

Here are some pictures from Belaruskali to see the crisis at the flagship:

It was Golovaty who ordered to reduce the supply of oxygen to the mines. This decision was motivated by energy savings. But he seems to be unaware that it is not at the cost of employees' health to save electricity.

For example, one of the accidents occurred last September 11th at the fourth mine. According to the strike committee of Belaruskali, something happened to the "minka" (mine machine). Golovaty was personally present at the scene, kicked out the chief engineer and hushed up the accident as best he could.

The next accident followed shortly thereafter. Once again, on October 17, 2020, a worker's finger was cut off in the fourth mine. He was quietly removed from the scene. He did not receive any payment as a result.

On October 27, pressure broke a worn-out hose during the installation and start-up of the oil station at Krasnoslobodski mine. As a result, the foreman had a broken nose and other injuries.

Fearing that all the crippled employees would come and claim compensation, Golovaty installed video surveillance cameras around his house, and KGB guards have been with him at the plant since August 2020.

The head of Belaruskali even "donated" public minibuses to the Salihorsk police department. Originally, the cars were given for a while to transport detained protesters and informants. When the issue of the return of these minibuses arose, the deputy head of the fleet called the ROVD to find out the fate of the vehicles. He received no answer, but a few minutes later he got a call from Golovaty who shouted, "They are transporting these bastards in minibuses. Do you want them back?" So, vehicles never arrived back.

But no matter how one is guarded, it is impossible to hide from the people. The cyber partisans publish personal data of Ivan Golovaty and his family:



Date of Birth 6/15/76

Passport series and number MC3233332

Identification number 3150676B068PB7

Mobile number A1: +375444876275

Address: Soligorsk, 7 Molodezhnaya St., apt. 29




The cyber partisans also provided the data of Golovaty's wife:



Date of birth 7/30/80

Identification number 4300780B031PB5

Mobile number A1 375293889356

Interestingly, Yuliya Golovataya works as a psychologist at a company. But she is not registered with him. Moreover, there are two real estate objects registered to her at once: Minsk region, Salihorsk district, Starobinsky s/s, v. Listopadovichi, ul. Zelenaya, 9 and Minsk region, Salihorsk district, Starobinskiy s/s, v. Listopadovichi, ul. Zelenaya, 11.



The spouses have two children: a son and a daughter.



Date of birth 8/29/08

Identification number 5290808B002PB1



Date of birth 10/23/02

Identification number 6231002B002PB3