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Healthy Advice to Strikers from Fitness Trainer Dzianis Hutkouski

Healthy Advice to Strikers from Fitness Trainer Dzianis Hutkouski
Dzianis Hutkouski

How to go on strike with the least amount of money and the maximum health benefits.

The famous fitness trainer Dzianis Hutkouski, who had been on strike for more than two months, gave useful advice to the striking Belarusians.

Dzianis Hutkouski's appeal was published by the telegram channel of the Belarusian Workers' Association (BOR):

- My dear Belarusians, my friends!

My colleague and friend, Siarhei Dyleuski, recently announced the beginning of the pre-strike state. What is a pre-strike state? This is the period during which you and I must prepare ourselves, our relatives, and friends for the strike, for the most powerful lever of pressure on the regime. My dear, as a person associated with sports and nutrition, as well as a person who himself went on strike for two months without any outside support, today I want to share with you information about what products are best to stock up on the strike while spending the minimum amount money and get the maximum benefit for your health.

The fall and winter season is coming, and many of us have vegetable gardens, homestead plots, and so on. From these plots, we can gain a huge amount of cheap and healthy products for our health. One of the most affordable is, of course, potatoes.

Potatoes are a source of slow carbohydrates that provide us with energy for the whole day. Also, potatoes contain an optimal amount of vitamins and microelements, and potatoes only become unhealthy when we pour sauce on them or fry them in vegetable oil, turning them into a carcinogen. Let's move on, friends.

Cereals. Whole grain cereals. They are a source of slow carbohydrates that are converted to glycogen. Those involved in sports know that glycogen is the stored sugar in our muscles and liver that gives us energy for the day. Cereals are also a source of fiber. And fiber is undeniably good for our intestines. The healthier the microflora in our gut, the stronger our immunity, folks.

Not all of us can afford meat or fish every day as a source of protein. Dear, do not despair, there is a way out of this situation. These are legumes. All legumes contain, compared to cereals, a much higher amount of protein that competes with animal protein in quality. In addition, legumes are powerful anti-inflammatory and anticancer agents.

For example, chickpeas may help fight bowel cancer, while lentils may help fight breast cancer in women. And there are many such examples.

Dear, another powerful and invaluable product for our body is sauerkraut. Sauerkraut is a powerful source of vitamin C, as well as bifidobacteria and lactobacteria that are good for our intestines. It is believed that even James Cook himself forced his sailors to eat cabbage every day in the fight against scurvy.

The cheapest and most useful product on our table is, of course, cottage cheese. Cottage cheese is a source of complete animal protein and a source of calcium. And it is also a product of fermented milk production, it gives us all the same bifido and lactobacteria. As we already know, the healthier the intestines, the stronger our immunity.

Fish. Do not despair if you, like us, like others, do not have enough money for expensive varieties of red fish. Today, the most useful are pelagic fish species. Pelagic fish species are those that live offshore in pelagic ocean currents. These are cod, pollock, herring, blue whiting, and so on. Google it, folks.

Guys, onions and garlic. The phytoncides in these two wonderful vegetables help us fight viruses, bacteria, and fungi.

Also, turnips, radishes, and all the greens that grow above the ground should certainly be present on our table.

My friends, remember that when stocking up on groceries in stores, you can use the Krama application. The Krama app will help you purchase the cheap quality products you need. At the same time, it will help not to purchase products from manufacturers supporting the bloody regime.

Friends, go shopping, don't forget about the farmers, buy groceries, and get ready for a strike. By purchasing these particular products, you will be able to hold out on the strike for a rather long time, come out of it healthy, full of strength, and significantly undermine the usurping regime.

Believe me, as a person who has powerful feedback from the population of the Republic of Belarus, there will be a strike. No matter what you think and no matter how this situation seems to you. There must be a strike. And therefore, it is best to prepare for it. Stock up on food, prepare mentally, prepare financially and be ready to choke with all your might. With all your might.

There will be a strike!

Long live Belarus!