25 October 2021, Monday, 22:49
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Safest Way To Paralyze Regime

Safest Way To Paralyze Regime

The strike will have a "domino effect".

The strike is needed to win quietly and peacefully. The Belarusians have to stop the country completely, so that the regime will start losing money. This is what the head of the strike committee of Hrodnapramstroi, Yuliya Sliuko, said in an interview with Charter97.org.

- You used to work at Hrodnapramstroi, and now you are an activist of the strike committee. How would you assess the current situation at the enterprise? What do the workers resent most of all?

- I am very much indignant about the insufficient safety measures, as well as about the decrease of the real wages. There is a very strong division at the plant between the "elite" and the "disliked" workers. Earlier we used to have at least some kind of "golden mean", but now it has been completely erased.

- You're one of the organizers of the rallies of solidarity with the Belarusians protesting in Warsaw. Tell us why are you doing it?

- It's necessary to unite the Belarusians who came here, because it's psychologically difficult to move into a foreign country, not knowing the language, without friends and acquaintances. We try to help somehow, the main goal is to be seen by others and heard by Poles, i.e. to inform them.

- How do Polish people and Polish authorities react to your actions? Do they support Belarusians at home and abroad?

- They do, Polish media sometimes participate in such rallies as well, and sometimes even government officials. Members of the Polish Sejm come to us and tell us about their position, so we see this support, let us say, a good neighborliness and their good attitude to us.

We see understanding from Poles who express their support, trying to offer help. They understand the situation in Belarus because they have been through it themselves once.

- You have recently said: "If everyone goes on strike, there will be a victory". What is your opinion based on?

- The strike is the most peaceful and, say, safest way to defeat the regime. That is, no one goes to work, takes a vacation. It is not only the workers who must do this: everyone must not go to work in unity.

In this way we will bring the country to a complete standstill, paralyzing it. Accordingly, there will be no production at the enterprises, and the regime will start losing money. The Belarusians are currently working not for themselves, but for the regime, the "smart people" and the sycophants. The Belarusians earn virtually nothing for their work.

- After announcing a pre-strike situation in Belarus, many Belarusians started to prepare for the strike. People post photos of food reserves in social networks and call on their friends to follow their example. What everyone can do to make the strike a success?

- A strike is necessary for those who want to win peacefully and safely. Everyone must make a choice for himself - either I continue to be quiet and go to work like a slave, or I strike and win. No one should look at each other, that's not how it works.

You want to go on strike? You only have to start it with yourself. You go on strike, your neighbor goes on strike, someone you know goes on strike, someone else looks at them, and more people join in. That way the strike will run its course. Everyone now has to make an important choice for the whole country.