20 October 2021, Wednesday, 17:02
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The First Rule of the Strike Club

The First Rule of the Strike Club

The strongest and smartest people in the country are together today.

It's time to admit to ourselves that there is no one more important than us in our country. Only we are the true strength of Belarus. Whether it be factory workers, university students, IT specialists, business people - any field of activity consists of us, Belarusians. We are all important to our country.

The hero of the cult novel "Fight Club" Tyler Durden said: "Yeah, I see in the fight club the strongest and smartest people who've ever lived." If you apply this phrase to our country, then this is exactly what happens.

I remember our marches and the people who walked beside us. At the head of the column, there were highly qualified specialists - workers from various enterprises of the city. The factory workers were the first to say "No to violence!" On the other hand, the heroes of 2020 - doctors - were walking towards us. The way they fought the pandemic in dire conditions, when the authorities tried to hide the number of infected, is a source of pride and delight.

And in the chains of solidarity, in front of the square, the geniuses of information technology were waiting, they are IT specialists, who gave the greatest increase in GDP to our country in 2020. The directors of private companies in an organized manner after the working day with all the staff bought drinking water and boxes of sweets for the children and also went to the center, to the march. And, I am sure, it was so in absolutely every city.

Now compare who is on the other side of the barricades. D grade students and "cronies." The power structures, unfortunately, are not very smart. And the state apparatus is fully recruited "by acquaintance." I remember how every year, regardless of whether a person is working or not, letters came with invitations to study at the Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. The requirements there, frankly speaking, are minimal. You have arms and legs, you make sounds - you're accepted. The same invitations came to guys from universities, colleges, and even schools. The power structures have always lacked any people, not to mention the talented and loyal to their people. I do not want to say that everyone there is uneducated. We all saw how last year the security forces, who wanted to serve the people, tore off their shoulder straps and resigned from the structures. I even know some of them personally.

All this suggests that each of us has a huge potential, charged to win. Imagine a picture that the usurper's staff, personal doctors, cooks, security guards, and others, refuse to work. This will be the end of it. Here you will not need to look for conspiracies and spies, simply because there will be no one left in the environment. But all this personal staff consists of people like us - the people of Belarus. From specialists and professionals in their field who are not indifferent to the fate of the country. If at least one sphere stops, everything will have a domino effect. Therefore, they are already afraid of the strike. Since the Belarusian people will calmly survive the month at home, but they will definitely break.

So the first rule of the strike club is to tell everyone about the strike club. It is now more important than ever that everyone feels supported by each other. This can be done both in conversations in smoking rooms and by joining the flash mob launched by my friend, leader of the Belarusian Workers' Association Siarhei Dyleuski #Stachke_byt'.

The second rule is to stock up on everything you need in advance. We are used to living with at least minimal comfort. And everyone knows what will be important for him and his family during this period. Against the background of uncontrolled price increases for absolutely everything, it is better to stock up now, so that nothing is needed in the period when we stay home.

Nobody says that it will be easy because we are in an elite club. And we fight to win.

There will be a strike!

Artem Chernikov, specially for the «Basta!» Telegram channel